The COVID-19 pandemic has created a demand for safety products and contactless communication.

As businesses slowly reopen, this demand has grown, driving manufacturers to innovate and manufacture self-service technology for temperature checks and to dispense safety supplies.

But what about “regular” digital signage? The one that’s not interactive? The standard version without all the bells and whistles?

Small and medium-sized businesses, the ones most affected by the pandemic, have traditionally used digital signage to inform, alert, educate and sell to their audiences.

The displays can also be used during and post-COVID because guess what, not everyone checks social media, email or mail every second. However, everyone walking through the doors of an office, hospital, school, church or restaurant will look at digital signage screens.

The role of digital signage in the new normal

Digital signage provides businesses with proactive and reactive control over their messaging.  As businesses reopen, “regular” digital signage can be used to inform employees and customers and ease anxieties.

In early March when the world was trying to figure out what the coronavirus is, we provided free static content files to help distribute public service information.

April and May saw a lot of non-essential businesses switch to work-from-home setups and digital signage was mostly put in the back burner.

With doors now reopening, digital signage has a vital role to play.

  • Digital menu boards promote contactless interaction by eliminating the need for paper menus and human interaction.
  • Adding QR codes to signage enables viewers to download the information – menus, wayfinding directions, forms – enabling them to go touchless and dodge things like touchscreens or printing out single-use menus.
  • QR codes could lead to even higher engagement. Because the user is already on their smartphone, businesses can easily promote their loyalty programs and increase signups.
  • With a restriction on capacities, window-facing displays can direct customers to online sites to complete sales and get more services.
  • Digital signage can also be used to display calming messaging to soothe anxieties.

The way to achieve these outcomes is by displaying relevant and targeted messaging, There is a need for content that reinforces good habits in workplaces, places of worship, retail, banks, restaurants and more.

Our creative team has developed 20 short videos, in portrait and landscape orientations, that are themed around returning to work.

These free 30-second videos can be used in virtually any business to broadcast important information about navigating a post-COVID world.

We’re providing two options to display the videos on your screens:

We recommend going the YouTube route so you can save on bandwidth and get automatic updates i.e. when the playlist is updated on YouTube, your screens are automatically updated.

Download the Free Videos