Digital signage systems are valuable communication tools for businesses ranging from restaurants that use digital menu boards, waiting room displays in hospitals to building directories for commercial and residential properties. When purchasing a full system, digital signage player price is one of the main factors you’ll need to consider. These tips will get you started:

1. Evaluate the Player Quality

Compare the overall quality of the different digital signage products that you’re considering. Some digital signs have all the necessary components built-in or included. Others might need a separate cooling system, external storage, HDMI cabling, additional screens, software, or other tools.

Include all the necessary components in your price comparison so you have a comprehensive idea of what each player costs. With these components in mind, compare the quality and features of each digital signage player. A higher-quality media player may cost more, but it will provide enhanced communication and serve your needs better.

Some quality-enhancing features that you may want to consider include:

  • Support for multiple screens
  • Zoned screen layouts
  • Landscape and portrait orientation options
  • Available storage
  • Included software

2. Select your Mounting System

The digital signage player itself is just one part of your total purchase. You’ll also need a mounting system for your media player. Consider where you want to mount your screens and what hardware it will take to have your signs in these locations. Will you mount the display vertically or horizontally? Is it hanging from a ceiling? Do you need it flush against a wall?

Many digital signage players come with standard mounting brackets which may or may not meet your needs. If you need a more complex mounting system, add the price of this upgrade to your total digital signage player price.

3. Calculate Shipping and Installation

Once you have your system in mind, determine the cost of shipping and installation. While the media player is relatively lightweight and compact, any screens that you purchase for your signage will likely require special shipping considerations.

Will your internal team install the system or do you need to hire someone for the job? Again, installing the system – players and screens – and the environment in which it is being installed may will affect your pricing and the system you choose.

4. Consider Maintenance and Operation Costs

The purchase and installation of your digital signage system is just the initial expense associated with this technology. You will incur additional expenses over the life of the system that you must consider as you’re calculating the total digital signage player price. You should ask:

  • What consumables are included with the signage that need to be replaced?
  • How often will you have to invest in replacement parts?
  • What maintenance is necessary for the electrical components of the system?
  • What does it cost to run the system?

5. Review the Quality of Service

A digital signage system is a multi-faceted setup that includes your digital display, digital signage player, content, and digital signage software. Most comprehensive solutions include components that are designed to work well together, such as a cloud-based content management software that delivers your content to the media player which will, in turn, display it on the screens.

You may need periodic support from the company’s customer service team to keep these components running smoothly. Hence, consider the quality of customer service. Poor customer service has an indirect cost, as it can lead to downtime with your signage that slow business and interrupt essential communications.

As you’re evaluating the setup for your digital signage system, consider:

  • What support systems are in place to assist you with technical difficulties? Can you reach customer assistance via phone 24/7? Do you need to send an email to receive technical support?
  • Is your system integrated so that a single support team can assist with all your needs, or do you need to contact a separate company for each component?
  • How quickly do you receive a response from the company when you contact them with a query about the system? Are customer support professionals knowledgeable?

6. Think TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Combine all of the previous factors to determine the total cost of ownership for a system. You should be able to estimate the actual price for the system, mounting hardware, shipping, installation, and maintenance. The quality of customer service can help nudge close competitors higher or lower in your rankings. Consequently, if two options are similar in price, the one with better customer service should ultimately win.

There’s a lot to consider when you’re evaluating digital signage player price. Thus, take the time to calculate your expenses early to make the selection that’s best for your needs and your bottom line.