5 Myths You Probably Believe about Digital Signage Software Support

5 Myths You Probably Believe about Digital Signage Software Support

There are a lot of misconceptions about digital signage software support services. Some of them are understandable and reveal areas where there may be room for improvement on the part of providers. Other myths may merely be due to a lack of familiarity and experience with the industry.

To better understand how providers approach customer support and how customers can best handle their problems, we compiled a list of the top 5 myths about digital signage software support. Taking a closer look at these myths, how they may have come about and why they are incorrect can go a long way to improving customer support and the industry as a whole.

Myth #1: Your software vendor is the only source for software support

You may assume that your software vendor is your only option when it comes to digital signage software support. However, this is a myth and knowing the truth could end up saving you quite a bit of money.

Vendors market their products and services in a way that seemingly eliminates the possibility of seeking support from other companies. Apparently, it is in their best interest to keep you locked into a cycle where you are continually upgrading software as they release new versions and turning to them when things go sideways. The problem is that it might not always be in your best interest to go this route.

Third-party providers can offer digital signage software support and maintenance, even when it comes to enterprise-level products. Partnering with independent digital signage software support companies provides several benefits:

  • More budget friendly.

These companies are going to offer competitive pricing to win you over, and the savings can be great. On average, companies enjoy 75% savings when they drop their vendor’s support services and go to a third-party provider.

  • More choice when it comes to upgrades.

Vendors will insist that you are working with the latest version of their product before they can offer support. This can amplify the cost of support and turn what looks like a small problem into a real budget buster. Support companies will work with the software you have, allowing you to upgrade when you are ready.

  • Help with custom code.

Vendor support teams only provide services for their products. If you have added your own code and capabilities, this portion of the software is no longer within their jurisdiction. Therefore, you may be left on your own. Independent support services will work with whatever you have.

  • Faster response times and better customer service.

Again, these independent companies are trying to win your business. They are ready to go out of their way to provide a quick response that effectively meets your needs.

If you have not been happy with the support your software vendor has been providing, keep in mind that you can use a third-party provider. That way, you may enjoy some unexpected benefits.

Myth #2: Solving the problem automatically equals customer satisfaction

As a digital signage software provider, it can be easy to be too mission focused. Once they have solved your software problem, they consider the job complete, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be satisfied. However, achieving customer satisfaction means practicing listening skills, demonstrating a knowledge of the product and showing patience through active communication.

When it comes to more technical topics, the customer may not have the same knowledge level as the support team. It is up to the support provider to help bridge this divide and show a willingness to work through the problem. No one wants to feel rushed or unheard, especially from a professional who is tasked with providing support.

Myth #3: Enterprise software vendors will not discount support and maintenance

You might want to stick with your vendor and use their support services. But, if you aren’t exactly happy with the pricing, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try to negotiate better rates. Even enterprise-level digital signage software providers will offer discounts on support and maintenance services. At the very least, it never hurts to ask.

Myth #4: Customer service alone will create loyal customers

No industry is perfect, and no business doesn’t have a least a few areas where they could improve. Digital signage software support providers are no exception. This is a highly specialized field that relies heavily on technology. As such, it can sometimes be easy to get caught up in the nuts and bolts and lose sight of the customer.

Just because a customer has received the support they requested and their problem has been resolved doesn’t necessarily mean that they are happy with the result and will continue to use the support team. Loyalty is earned by going above and beyond and making a personal connection with the customer. There is plenty of competition out there, and support providers should recognize that their business isn’t guaranteed. Customers are free to shop around and certainly will do so if they are unhappy with the service they receive.

Myth #5: If you leave vendor support, you will lose access to new modules and licenses

Customers can feel pressured to stick with vendor support because they are afraid they will lose access to updates that include new modules and licenses. They are under the impression that their digital signage software will simply continue to become dated until it is eventually obsolete and they will need to invest in new software. Fortunately, that isn’t the case.

Even if you choose to seek support from a third party provider, you can still contact your digital signage software provider and purchase updates, new modules, and licenses at any time. You can still make sure that your software is up-to-date and make these adjustments at your own pace or as your budget allows.


Ultimately, as a digital signage software support customer, you have a lot more freedom and power than you might realize. Remember that you aren’t locked into receiving software support from your vendor. Also, establishing a relationship with a third-party support provider won’t undermine your existing software or your ability to continue with updates. In addition, if you aren’t happy with the level of personal care and service you are receiving, you are free to take your business elsewhere.

Digital signage software providers must recognize the importance of cultivating customer loyalty. They should also be willing to go the extra mile to win your continued business.

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