3 Summer Content Ideas for Tech-Savvy Organizations

3 Summer Content Ideas for Tech-Savvy Organizations

Summer is just around the corner and soon everyone will be either taking advantage of the weather or trying to beat the heat. During this time, businesses have a chance to reach new markets and improve internal communication with digital signage. Read more to learn about corporate environments, education facilities, and retail businesses can use digital signage summer content!

What is Digital Signage?

Oftentimes when people hear the words “digital signage” they imagine something like a reader board or a screen displaying static messages, images, or logos.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, as digital signage is a dynamic way of communicating with employees, students, and customers. Digital signage is very effective and has a recall rate of 83% according to a study by Referral MD. By utilizing a cloud-based network, digital signage can quickly display complex information in an easy to understand, well-formatted manner. Here are some digital signage summer content ideas that will benefit corporate environments, education facilities, and retail businesses.

1. Corporate Offices

Corporate offices can use event listings to display summer office events such as a company barbeque and remind employees of upcoming summer trade shows. Event listings can also increase recruitment by advertising open positions and interview dates.

Large corporate campuses can get employees excited for summer specials in the cafeteria by leveraging digital menu boards. Side by side with these specials, corporations can thread their mission into the design. Digital signage has a 47.7% effectiveness for brand awareness. Corporate environments can ensure that their employees are confident about their workplace and the work they are doing with the aid of digital signage.

Corporate offices can see huge benefits of using digital signage to improve employee communication. A study from McKinsey found that good communication drives 25% higher employee productivity. Display summer sales goals and productivity metrics to boost employee motivation.

56% of internal communication teams are considering using digital signage for communicating between managers and employees, according to a recent study by Eclipse Digital Media.

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2. College Campuses and K-12 Schools

Digital signage is especially effective with students, most of which are digital natives who respond well to technology. A study by Viewsonic stated that incorporating technology into a student’s education a wide array of positive benefits such as reduced stress, improved confidence, classroom efficiency and preparation for class.

Students may look forward to summer activities away from the classroom. But most schools and colleges still have plenty going on while school is out of session. Schools and colleges can use digital signage to invite students and staff to school-sponsored events such as picnics. The administration can also use digital signage to remind students of any music recitals or athletic activities that might be coming up with automated listings to help drive attendance.

Similar to corporate offices, education facilities can implement digital signage menu board specials. This will help the administration get everyone a little more excited for their day with fun seasonal specials.

3. Retail Businesses

Event listings are an excellent tool for retailers to inform potential customers of any upcoming summer sales. Managers can use this feature to promote individual products and summer exclusive sales.

A menu board may seem like a strange addition to a retail location, but there are still opportunities available. If there are any local restaurants in the area that want to display their menus, then retail managers have an excellent opportunity to partner with these local businesses and display their menu.

Retail locations can increase their employee communication using digital signage by using it to highlight staff performance achievements. Managers can give summer shout outs to employees who meet sales goals and use it as a tool to incentivize the entire sales team.

Digital signage can have many benefits in areas that might surprise business owners. 7-Eleven convenience stores saw a 30% increase in coffee sales in Denmark after locations stated using digital signage.

Digital signage is also a vital tool for retailers to reach Millennials. For example, to clue them into events that their stores need to promote. It may surprise retail owners to learn that Millennials are far more likely to visit a brick and mortar store than Baby Boomers. Millennials also don’t watch TV, so if brands want to ensure they are reaching this lucrative demographic, they need to employ alternate methods of advertising.

Utilizing Digital Signage Summer Content

Digital signage is becoming an indispensable tool to maximize staff performance and reach the customers modern business owners need. According to Accenture, customers who engage with companies through a variety of channels drive three times the volume of sales. In order to expand successfully in the future, corporate environments, education facilities, and retail locations should enhance their productivity. And reach by using these digital signage summer content ideas.

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