Video walls have proved so successful at engaging viewers that almost every vertical is employing them to satisfy the same goal―to send targeted messages to the right people, at the right place, at the right time and in the right context.

Here’s a look at 9 examples of video walls that have dramatically improved the ability to advertise, educate, inform and entertain:

Video Wall Attracting Talent

A 2014 study revealed that millennials are the generation considered best at key skills businesses require to remain agile and innovative. To attract millennial talent, Acquia, a cloud platform provider, designed its new Boston headquarters to be very tech-heavy in order to position them as a prime destination of employment.

One of the outstanding pieces of technology is a mosaic 4K video wall that hangs in the front lobby.

Examples of Video Walls

Watch video here.

The video wall is meant to ramp up the aesthetics, providing visual appeal and allowing content to have a longer shelf life without becoming stale.

Other pieces of technology include web cameras and monitors in all rooms that seat four or more people, monitors in conference rooms, house projectors in dedicated training and presentation rooms, and iPad Minis at every door of these rooms for meeting scheduling.

They also created mobile carts that hold a 55-inch monitor, a web camera solution, a dedicated PC and a UPS with wireless connection that are utilized to bring in team members that are working remotely to interact with those in the office (92% of millennials want to work remote and Gallup reports that remote workers log more hours and are more engaged).

Video Wall Closing Celebrity Endorsements

To cinch celebrity endorsements, Under Armour must present a concerted and researched plan of how the celebrity will be represented in commercials, billboards, and magazine advertisements across the world.

A bit of showing off is necessary when making the pitch, and so Under Armour installed an 18-foot wide by 9-foot high video wall in their Baltimore, MD global headquarters which created a dynamic and interactive digital canvas to WOW visitors like The Rock.

The video wall serves as the focal point for campaign planning, brand messaging and VIP events.

Video Wall for Corporate Communications and Partner Marketing

Zones, an IT services and solutions provider, installed a 3X3 video wall that helps convey information to educate more than 700 employees and inform guests during large gatherings.


The video wall is used to educate sales reps on new offerings from the company and in “town hall” meetings that involve presentations from company execs and guest speakers.

The company also uses it for partner fairs. Content is centered around showing off what the company’s partners are capable of doing e.g. ads about partner products or solutions.

The video wall also drives employee engagement where employees create content for “techorating.” It also displays scenic views of national parks, mountains and lakes etc. to break up the constant stream of information and give employees something peaceful to look at.

Video Wall for Luxury and Comfort

Kuwait Petroleum Company’s VIP Executive Lounge Experience is a luxurious and comfy space for executives and guests.

To reinforce the company and brand through visuals, KPC furnished the lounge with a 3X4 video wall.


The lounge also has a 70” touchscreen display, making the environment functional enough to allow for easy collaboration.

Video Wall in Corporate Retreat

Châteauform’, a rental for seminars and meetings and corporate retreats, is an elegant yet comfortable venue that offers an environment conducive to strategic thinking, productive meetings, team-building and relaxation.

One of the tools used extensively to promote creativity, engagement, teamwork and productivity is an interactive video wall made up of nine 55-inch MultiTaction Cell displays.


This highly visual tool provides participants with an innovative way of working and conducting collaborative meetings.

Video Wall in Next-Generation Classroom

Australia’s All Saints Anglican School created The Wonder Room, a special classroom that features a 5-panel multi-touch video wall used by both students and teachers.


The video wall can be used by any number of students and teachers at one time, creating a truly engaging and inclusive classroom environment.

The goal is to encourage students to search and find information for themselves, without direct guidance or labels.

In addition to the video wall, the classroom also has two touch displays primarily used to showcase additional information, notes and images, allowing students and teachers to refer back to it whenever necessary.

There are also 4 interactive white boards, chill-out zones, and a slide into the room from the upstairs library, all designed to stimulate student minds in different and more engaging ways.

Video Wall for Millennial Appeal

San Francisco’s Union Square is heavily frequented by wealthy tourists and well-paid Millennial techies, a demographic whose wallets high-end retailers are eager to tap into.

Technology is one of the tools that they’re using to create visual interest and pull in these millennials.

Christian Dior employed both technology and art in its multilevel flagship store in San Francisco. The store has a two-level video wall next to wall mirrors that amplify the visuals.


A Dior rep said what they have is not just “a video screen running the runway show.”

The art playing on the video wall is mesmerizing and makes shopping an experience not just a task. This is important to Millennials, who equate value to memories and experiences. Brands can no longer sell them a product, but rather create an experience with them.

Donor Video Wall: A Dynamic Work of ‘Living’ Art

Mount Sinai Hospital, one of Toronto’s largest hospitals, installed a digital donor wall — standing 50 feet long by 12 feet high — to recognize and celebrate hospital supporters from the past 94 years.


In the massive video wall, the hospital got something architecturally and technologically outstanding to express their gratitude to their many donors.

The wall also acts as the central art piece in the main floor lobby.

With more than 10,000 people circulating through every day, the wall creates a relaxing and soothing environment, conveying a sense of tranquility by playing content with soft, flowing movement.

World’s Largest Video Wall

The world’s largest video wall is in the Superbook room at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, the largest sports book in the world.

The 20 ft. tall and 220 ft. wide curved video wall creates a stadium-like experience, showing different sporting events, scoreboards, stats and news tickers.