We’ve covered digital signage use cases in corporate, healthcare, and educational industries in our previous blog, but today we will be discussing the benefits of digital signage in three new industries: retail, restaurants, and hospitality.


Digital signage is a great tool to use in retail for driving traffic, keeping customers engaged, and improving employee communications.

Drive Traffic

  • Stores with appealing visuals naturally attract more customers, which leads to more revenue.
  • Most retail businesses that use digital signage to display promotions, in-store deals, or visuals depicting the brand’s story see a 33% increase in additional sales.

Enhance Customer Engagement

  • Digital visuals are can be both eye-catching and entertaining.
  • Interactive digital signage displays can improve customer engagement and influence their purchase.

Improve Internal Communications

  • Digital signage is not only great for customers, but it is also useful for employees.
  • Retail businesses can use digital signage to boost employee motivation by displaying the top salesperson of the month or keep them informed with company updates.


The restaurant industry comes with many opportunities to implement digital signage. Digital displays reduce perceived waiting times, improve customer experience, and maintain brand consistency.

Reduce Waiting Times

  • No one likes to wait in a long line when they’re hungry!
  • Luckily, digital menu boards can be customized in a way to grab a customer’s attention and make them forget their wait time.

Improve Customer Experience

  • Static menu boards can be difficult to read and visually unappealing.
  • Digital menu boards can include delicious food images, eye-catching fonts, and can also be updated in real-time to display the most current menu items.

Maintain Brand Consistency

  • Digital menu boards can be customized to incorporate your restaurant’s colors and elements.
  • This will help your customers to easily identify your restaurant and remember your brand.


Most travelers expect a comfortable hotel experience. With digital signage, you can display check-in information, frequently asked questions, and highlight local attractions.

Easily Present Check-In Information

  • It is important to have check-in information easily accessible to hotel customers.
  • Hotels can display check-in information on digital signage displays that is both easy to read and updated in real-time.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

  • New hotel customers will naturally have questions about the hotel or about the area such as what attractions are nearby.
  • Digital signage displays can display these frequently asked questions as well as nearby attractions.

Display Nearby Attractions

  • Travelers from out of state, or country, will want to know of all the nearby activities.
  • Display nearby amusement parks, zoos, and museums to give your customers a taste of your area!

Digital Signage Use Cases by Industry

As you can see, there are digital signage use cases in almost every industry! Check out this infographic below which shows stats on the industries above along with stats from the previous industries discussed:


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