Digital signage can be an effective tool for employee communications in an office place, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with your digital signage templates every once in a while. Stretch your creative muscles and bring some laughter to your signs! Here are some really funny digital signage templates to use on your displays.

Crazy at Work signage templateThese free digital signage templates should help lighten up your workplace.

free digital signage templateThese signs are a great way to bring some humor into the office and lighten the mood at work.

free digital signage templateDigital signage at work is a great way to engage your employees and give them a break from the normal work day. Infotainment is something to consider on your signage digital signage templateThese signs are a great way to display what you need from employees. For example, the next sign talks about turning off your phone at work. This is a great way to inform and ask employees to do so in a way that is fun.

free digital signage templateHumor is a great way to help employees get through the day. As well as the work week!

free digital signage template

free digital signage template

You can also use your digital signage to display templates for the Holidays, Easter or Halloween. These templates are great as they can be displayed at any point in the year.

Men at Work


We hope you enjoyed these funny digital signage templates as much as we did! Feel free to use them on your own signage displays!