alsoCourthouses are an integral part of our judicial system. Those tasked with managing courthouse policy bear the responsibility of maintaining decorum and ensuring that courthouse processes run smoothly—two goals best achieved through communication. And as it turns out, digital signage is the perfect way to achieve this level of communication.

The Courthouse Experience Relies on Communication

Consider the numerous ways that digital messaging solutions can improve courthouse operations:

  • Time-specific dockets can show visitors real-time scheduling information about their appointments or upcoming meetings.
  • Display court announcements, last minute room changes, and other schedule adjustments that may pop up.
  • Showcase information about courthouse personnel, including judges, bailiffs, security officers, and any other relevant staff.
  • Inform visitors about security and safety protocols, including checkpoint procedures, weapon policies, and rules of decorum.
  • Navigation and wayfinding: Courthouse maps can help visitors make their appointments on time, reduce congestion, and also control traffic flows.
  • Emergency alerts and disaster preparedness information can be made available in real-time.
  • Calming imagery or scenery can help reduce anxiety and also create a calm, peaceful environment for visitors.

Though the benefits of courthouse digital signage are diverse, many decision-makers struggle with the initial investment and ongoing costs of the technology. Because of this, proving the ROI of courthouse digital signage is an important aspect of its implementation.

What is the Real ROI of Courthouse Digital Signage?

Of course, courthouses must justify the expense of new technologies as much as any other organization, but the real ROI of courthouse digital signage can’t be measured by profit margins or any numerical review. The value of the digital signage solution must be measured qualitatively and also account for every aspect of the courthouse’s operation.

Broadly, one can understand the qualitative benefits of courthouse digital signage  with the following questions:

  • Will the digital solution enhance the visitor experience?
  • Can it improve operational efficiency?
  • Will it streamline communication?
  • Can it boost staff morale?

While less tangible than other marketing metrics, these considerations play a large role in the performance, mood, and overall success of the courthouse environment. Each digital signage benefit has a direct impact on the resources needed to guarantee efficient courthouse proceedings.


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