The new year brings an abundance of people to the gym. Resolutions and cold weather mean plenty of newbies are looking for the ideal gym to sign up for membership.

According to the IHRSA (International Health, Racket, and Sportsclub Association), more than 12% of gym members join in January compared to around 8% in other months. This trend is expected to increase, with the IHRSA reporting that global fitness industry and health club memberships have continued to grow each year.

Creating a solid membership base for your gym means designing and following a customer-centric strategy. Part of that plan includes employing effective methods of marketing and engagement so the customer stays satisfied with the gym they choose.

The world continues to turn to technology to gather information and stay connected. Technology is becoming an essential tool for gyms and health clubs everywhere. One tool that stands out is digital signage for gyms.

Using Digital Signage in the Gym

The potential for digital signage in retail, restaurants, and educational institutions has been well documented. Gyms and recreational facilities can also enjoy the same benefits that these industries are.

Here are 6 ways to use digital signage for gyms. This will help to creatively market your gym to new members and keep current members happy.

Gym Digital Signage - Mvix

Socialize with Members

Social media is all the rage right now.

Customers love it and businesses are using it to stay connected with them. Especially when they’re not physically present at the store, restaurant, school, office, or gym.

Digital signage for gyms can display your social media feeds which expands the audience of your posts, tweets, shared images, videos and more.

To drive social media interaction, you can display messages asking visitors to check in to your Facebook or Foursquare pages. Gym members can also glean information about trending classes, workouts, instructors, healthy recipes and more.

People go to the gym to look and feel good so displaying their hard work on social media and digital signage screens will appeal to them.

To get attention from gym members, gyms need to show them attention first. New gym members will love the attention when their progress is displayed to see and they’ll be motivated to extend their membership.

Form Stronger Member Relationships

Humans are by nature, social animals. We are naturally oriented towards others. Gyms create a great environment to explore this sociality. In fact, social workouts is now a thing. Gyms create incredible little pockets of community where friends support friends to challenge what they think their bodies are capable of and help them to stay focused on their goals.

Gym digital signage is an excellent visual tool to promote your social initiatives. You can list local fitness groups and their schedules in the gym screens. Group challenges are also an excellent way to encourage gym interaction. Display information about your gym’s Biggest Loser contest, a swim class for seniors, a self-defense class for single ladies, a karate class for college girls, etc. Such fun activities will get members excited about making gym time more fun with new friends.

When such fun activities help form and grow intimate friendships, new gym members will elect to prolong their memberships and current ones will continue to renew their memberships. excited about making gym time more fun with new friends. When people are able to develop positive interactions within a space, the frequent outcome is loyalty and long-term engagement.

Offer Infotainment

Offering entertainment at the gym is an effective way of distracting gym members as they’re working out while keeping them in the gym longer.

Gym Digital Signage - Infotainment

Display curated content such as live sports TV, health tip videos and images,  health news, localized health graphics such as pollen index, health articles, and more.

Keep members engaged by offering workout tips, exercise videos, information on how to use gym equipment properly, and more.

Such highly targeted and relevant information will enrich the gym member’s experience and foster loyalty. Also, displaying entertaining information alongside gym rules and guidelines will increase exposure and retention as more eyeballs will be drawn to the gym screens.

You can also let members know what’s going on in the world with current weather and traffic updates, latest news, celebrity news, etc.

List your Offerings

The more information members have, the more likely they are to come back. Use your gym digital signage to list classes, times, and instructors.

Let members know if you have other locations they can use.

Have a wayfinding map of your gym that shows workout spaces or equipment they may not know about.

Are you running any specials? Whether smoothies are half-off on Tuesday mornings or workout wear is 20% off during the month of April, keep people in the loop of your gym’s most currents specials.

You can offer digital signage advertising to partners as well. If there is a brand you support or that your new members like, let them advertise their offerings on your screens. You’ll get some advertising revenue to speed up the ROI of your investment, and you’ll also connect with gym members who have an affinity for the partner brand.

Promote Personal Trainers 

You put a lot of money into getting personal trainers for your gym and your clients pay a lot for them. Promoting personal trainers on gym digital signage will increase exposure for their services and eventually increase your sales of personal training classes.

List your trainers’ skills, specialties, experience and showcase some of their work with before and after pictures.

Provide updates on trainers: what their classes are, when they’re available, what substitute instructors are available, and more.

A strong, productive relationship between your gym newbie and trainers will build loyalty and motivate them to extend their membership.

Offer Motivation

A successful exercise habit requires motivation. People love a good quote or success story so they can apply it to their own lives. Use gym digital signage to offer motivation. Show how people in your own gym reached a huge fitness goal, display before and after pictures, or post a quote or tip that inspires them to keep coming back.

Turning Newbies into Gym Members                                

The new year isn’t just an opportunity for those looking to reach fitness goals. It’s also a time for gyms to reach their own membership and business growth goals. Gym digital signage is an excellent tool to make that happen. People want to be a part of something, and when you show that you have a true interest in your members and their needs, it can make all the difference in increasing membership sales.