High performing teams consist of happy and hardworking employees. In order to create high performing teams, team members must have strong internal communication and positive attitudes. Check out our top 6 tips on what makes a successful and effective team:


A team should work like a well-oiled machine and stay committed to goals and deadlines. Each team member has the responsibility to keep track of monthly or yearly goals and hold themselves, and their team members, accountable for reaching specific deadlines.

Interest in Growth

Team members should complete their individual tasks but should also be interested in breaking away from the “norm” and investing their time in other departments to ultimately better the company. High functioning teams complete their personal tasks with diligence but also strive to grow and learn different tasks.


Confidence may not come as easily at first but it comes eventually with time and diligence! In order to become a high performing team, each team member should have confidence in their abilities and believe they make positive contributions to the rest of the team and company.

Over Communication

Over-communication is better than a lack of communication. Especially during large scale projects, team members should always be in the loop with project details and upcoming deadlines. Communication is a key factor in making sure the team effectively contributes to the rest of the company. It is necessary to make sure that no important tasks fall through the cracks and are forgotten or incomplete.

6 Best Practices for High Performing Teams

In order to create a team that works as both a well oil machine and a family, it is important that each team member utilize the above traits. Check out our latest infographic for more information on how to create and grow a high performing team:

high performing teams

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