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How to Scale Enterprise Digital Signage Networks

According to statistics, the digital signage industry is projected to grow to $24 billion. The growth comes from more businesses recognizing the need for digital signage software. When starting, you might be hesitant to invest in a massive network of digital displays. Your hesitation is normal as you are only being cautious and aiming at minimizing risk when starting out.

However, installing an enterprise digital signage network consisting of multiple screens in different locations is easy and beneficial. Automatic provisioning makes the scalability of digital networks easier, as does remote management. These two make it easy to engage, entertain and inform customers and employees through digital signage displays in high-traffic areas. 

Since digital displays are eye-catching, you can ensure the message you pass is efficiently delivered to the passerby. Digital signage software is the bare minimum for business in the digital era. You can easily employ digital displays on a large scale. Here is everything you should know about scaling enterprise digital signage

Why You Need a Digital Signage Network That Is Scalable 

Many organizations have realized the benefits of digital signage and are using it to support internal communications. However, as your business changes, adapts, and grows, you will need to expand the digital signage. Previously, expanding digital signage through a broad network would have been burdensome. However, digital signage solutions are now easily scalable. Therefore, you can grow with your digital signage solution as your business expands.

As digital signage technology continues to mature, digital signage software developers offer sophisticated functionality. The advanced functionality makes digital signage easy to install, monitor and use. Thus, helping installers to streamline large-scale digital signage network deployment easily. It also helps add value through the broad range of applications. 

For example, digital signage software now interacts with third-party systems. You can pair it with AI and enterprise-level automation software for smooth operation. Alternatively, you can pair your digital signage solution with detailed analysis software. You can use the information to influence real-time decision-making.

Advantages of Scaling Digital Signage for Your Business

An easy example of digital signs is restaurant menus and mall maps. With a great content management system, digital signage will allow efficient and smooth interaction with your customers. So, digital signage can grow with you whether you want to modernize your business or expand. You can also integrate it with mobile device management software for ease of control.

Some of the advantages you enjoy after scaling are:

1. Easy Content Management

When using digital signage software, you need a solid content management system for success. You need a content creation team to ensure the information you display is helpful and relevant. A major challenge people face is managing their content. Most business owners assume having a network of digital screens will make it hard to manage content. However, it gets easier. 

Furthermore, you can easily manage your media and media players across different screens. Digital signage software partners with media player companies for ease of access. Thus, making it easy to scale your digital signage. 

Besides, most media players have a playlist that allows you to pre-select what you want to display on the screen. You can use media players from Android, iOs, and Linux and enjoy the ease of controlling them from a single platform. So, you will only need a single sign-on and work across various device management interfaces. 

2. Enjoy Complete Control of Your Displays

You are probably wondering how you can manage a display network of screens. It is easy. Some digital signage software can lock devices using a single app. Additionally, you can manage the digital signage content by creating a loop.

For example, assuming you want your audience to see a specific video on loop, you can lock down the Android or iPad to one app. That way, they cannot access other media. The content management system will be easier to maintain as you select what goes on the playlist.

Scaling Tips for Businesses in Various Industries

Digital signage can increase your revenue by as much as 30%. All businesses can benefit from digital signage platforms irrespective of the industry. Here are some tips for scaling enterprise digital signage for the two common business industries.

1. The Retail Industry

The retail industry needs digital signage and proper digital signage content for effective internal communication and to grow your customers. Remember, you cannot become successful with a limited number of customers. So, even if you have the best spot in town, you need to put in the effort to attract customers.

You can use digital signs for advertising your business and promoting products. What’s more, you can put up new arrivals or discounts to tempt your customers. When going for shows, you might need digital screens for your kiosks or video walls, depending on the location.

As your business grows over time, you need to expand your network and get a network of screens. On your network, you can:

  • Share Product Information

Once a customer enters your store, you need to offer value. Make them feel welcome, and encourage them they made the right decision to choose your store. Your network of screens can showcase product data which impacts their decision to generate more sales.

  • Put in Effort

When scaling, you can benefit from social proof. Once you set up your additional screens and digital signs, use them to showcase social media posts and other information relating to your brand. Social media proof is an effective method that gets businesses’ giant approval.

Since the onset of the pandemic, there have been new regulations to avoid contracting the virus. As a result, help your retail store comply with healthcare standards by installing third-party software. Additionally, install temperature sensors or distance measuring software as well. 

2. Restaurants

Digital signage platforms significantly impact the success of a restaurant. It helps you save on the budget. Additionally, it gives you more to invest in marketing and growth. You can use digital menu boards to avoid printing and promotional material costs.

When expanding, add some enterprise-grade digital displays around the entrance of your restaurant. You can choose to have a full digital menu board as a digital menu board increases sales by 3-5%. Instead, you can also display some videos of the day’s special meal. Additionally, work on adding your order terminals to serve more customers and improve customer experience.

As you scale your restaurant business, you also need to increase the number of customers you serve per hour. Therefore, have touchscreen digital displays where your clients can make orders. This strategy has proven effective for prominent fast food industries like McDonald’s. Also, use outdoor digital solutions to power your digital menu boards and increase sales.

Although customer experience linked with digital signage software is intuitive, large-scale deployments need thoughtful planning. You might need a content management system for the digital displays to be effective. 

Make the Most With Our Scalable Digital Signage Software

When developing our digital signage software, we understood a business grows and needs software it can grow with. Use our digital signage networks that can grow with your business and give you peace of mind. Our software is user-friendly, and the pricing is pocket friendly. You can easily update your digital signage network since our software easily adapts to changes in the network. 

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