Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s time to show some love to the important people in your life and your digital signage. While you’re showering your loved ones with flowers and candy, don’t forget to spoil your digital signage too! Check out these 7 L’s of implementing digital signage that will help you nourish and grow your digital signage:

1. List your Goals

Before starting any project, enterprise or otherwise, it’s important to map out your end goals. Every digital signage project should have an end goal such as increasing revenue, getting more customer traffic, or improving internal communications. Prior to implementing digital signage, list out the steps for your project and gather the resources you need to meet your end goals.

2. Locate Screen Placements

When it comes to your digital signage screens, the more visible the better! Place your screens in areas of high traffic such as in lobbies, breakrooms, and hallways with a lot of foot traffic. It’s important to place your screens in these high traffic locations so that your messages are both visible and impactful.

3. Lead with a Content Strategy

In digital signage, content is king. It’s important that your content is relevant to your audience and that your message is clear. For example, if you are using your digital signage to improve internal communications you’ll want to post relevant content such as HR announcements, upcoming events, and scrolling text memos to keep your employees in the loop. In order to streamline the content strategy process, assign a digital signage champion to take ownership of the digital signage. This individual will be responsible for creating the content strategy, keeping the content relevant, and staying up to date with the latest digital signage trends.

For the full list of the L’s of implementing digital signage, check out our video below. You can also show your digital signage some love with our FREE digital signage templates! Click here to download them.