Digital signage has come to present an essential component of successful marketing and communication campaigns. With the right strategy for digital signage engagement, the ROI of will be faster and bigger.

63% of people report that digital signage catches their attentionThis number is significantly higher than TV, Internet and billboard advertising, and speaks volumes about the impact of digital signage.

However, simply implementing a digital signage system is not enough. If your business is not making an effort to drive digital signage engagement effectively, the bottom line will suffer.

A Digital World Means More Engaging Digital Signage

The raging popularity of social media combined with the at-your-fingertips convenience of the ubiquitous mobile phone, consumers are more in control of their customer journey than before.

Businesses need to adapt to this constantly connected paradigm shift. Else, they will sooner rather than later notice their plugged-in customers checking out the local competition.

In today’s digital age, it’s more important than ever for businesses to understand the importance and opportunity of using effective engagement tactics to drive response, build awareness, & increase sales via digital signage:

  • Digital video in public venues reaches more Americans each month (70%) than video over the internet (43%) or Facebook (41%).

In order to attract more attention and wield a greater influence on the path to purchase using visual communication solutions such as digital signage and video walls, businesses need to constantly be in tune with, and adapt to what the consumer demands.

How can Businesses Effectively Increase Digital Signage Engagement?

In the whitepaper below, we highlight useful tips for increasing digital signage engagement. These are useful for businesses that are looking improve interactions with their customers. As well as their employees.

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