Digital Signage is the perfect tool for communication in nearly every setting. Whether it be in church, restaurant or retail, digital signage offers unlimited possibilities. One use case that doesn’t get nearly enough attention is internal communication.

While companies tend to gear a big focus towards attracting consumers, and reaching new heights with digital signage, internal communication can be equally as important and rewarding for companies.

While everyone understands the importance of internal communication and the benefits it can bring to a company, many have struggled implementing it correctly and are still stuck applying old ineffective content.

Benefits of Internal Communications

Internal communication has the ability to show employees they matter and are not an afterthought. It adds creativity and brings a bit of flair to the workplace. Based on the content displayed, it can also increase engagement among employees and have them feel part of the company they work for.

Much like many other uses with digital signage, there are no limits to what companies can achieve through internal communications. According to Stacy Schlicht of Edelman internal communications includes several factors and benefits: consistent messaging, strong statement, and transparency.

Being able to deliver consistent messaging, including but not limited to the logo, mission statement, and company goals. Using the technology, also displays a high level of transparency, as the company is willing to communicate important messages and keep everyone in the loop.

Companies can achieve all the aforementioned points to a higher degree using digital signage and most importantly, they do not force it upon the employees.

Uses of Digital Signage

Here are 5 top uses of Digital Signage as it relates to internal communication:

  • Controlling your communication strategy
  • Event Announcements
  • Performance Indicators
  • Employee Opinion Surveys
  • Promoting employee incentive programs

Internal CommunicationsLastly, internal communications can be used as a motivational tool for employees. Showcasing employee of the month, and displaying motivational quotes to boost their confidence and ensure a successful workplace.

At times unheralded and put in the rearview mirror, internal communication doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. Combined with digital signage, companies have the ability to reach their employees in ways not done before, and reap the benefits from the technology.