When you think of live streaming, you may think it’s limited to entertainment and commercial uses, like YouTube stars streaming video games or tech companies using it to unveil their latest release, not school digital signs.

But schools can also benefit from live streaming video, especially on digital signage displays. Not only is a great way to capture and share live events when they occur, but you’re also creating an automatic way to build a video library that tells your great school stories.

Live streamed video means viewers can participate and watch in real-time. Live stream is the future of video and presents a world of opportunity for school communications.

Here are a few cases where live streaming video makes sense for school digital signs:


School spirit is often tied to the sports teams and tournaments they participate in throughout the year. Never miss the big game by streaming video links to digital signs!

Musical and Theatrical Performances

Concerts and performance arts are already popular on live streaming platforms, and school digital signage makes it easy to highlight your talented students and their work. Live streaming performances outside of a theater can help promote attendance for the performance or allows people to follow along without disrupting the show in progress.

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Public Speaking Events

If your school frequently has speakers or presentations done for the entire student body, a live stream can help spread the messages.

Religious Services

For parochial schools or schools with religious ties, live streaming is perfect for sharing ongoing sermons or prayers. In fact, if service is ongoing, viewers can stop and get a glimpse at inside a chapel or prayer room.

Your live streaming needs may vary, but school digital signs can play a significant role in making this technology beneficial.

Try out live streaming on your displays with YouTube Live feeds or a direct video connection. By using a capable digital signage software system, you have the added benefit of attaching messages as well!