Lobby digital signage can be useful for all types of companies, both big and small. Lobbies usually have a decent amount of foot traffic which means it’s a great place to display important information. Let’s take a look into how these various markets can utilize this technology.


Many travelers look to hotels to provide them with information on nearby activities. Lobby digital signage can easily display that information while lightening the workload for hotel staff. Hotels can display various nearby attractions on the screen such as amusement parks, aquariums, and museums and also provide the hours of operation. Along with displaying nearby attractions, hotels can also display dates for upcoming events such as a county fair.

Educational Facilities 

Educational facilities are constantly relaying new information to students and staff. Digital signage in a school or university lobby is a great help for easily distributing information. Schools can display information such as sport try out dates, upcoming plays, midterm dates, and more on their lobby digital signage. This strategy keeps both students and staff in the loop with school updates and resolves any confusion there may be about upcoming activities and times.

Corporate Offices 

Employees are busy individuals who may not always stay up to date with the latest office policies. So, that’s where lobby digital signage comes into play and makes things easier! With this solution, employees can get instant updates as they pass through the lobby in the morning on their way to their desks, to a meeting, or on their way to lunch. For instance, the updates can include HR announcements, dress code reminders, future events, and other company information.

Who Can Use Lobby Digital Signage?

There are plenty more markets that can utilize this solution! Check out our latest infographic to get an idea of how other markets can benefit from using it!


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