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Easily Customizable Lobby Signage | A Guide to Lobby Signs

Lobby signage, also known as reception area signs, are beneficial for all kinds of organizations. They help you project a professional image and get the most out of otherwise dull walls. Moreover, a lobby sign welcomes potential clients while giving them more useful information about your company.

Types of Lobby Signage

There are several different types of lobby signage. However, here are the most popular reception signs are:

Acrylic: These letters are renowned for their crispy and shiny look. They’re available in several standard colors, but you can also receive them in customized painting that matches your official brand.

Example of a Static Lobby Sign

Metal: Aluminum is the most preferred metal for these types of front desk signs. Furthermore, your installer can route the letters to match the font you use for your facility signs and other marketing materials.

Plaques: Metals such as copper, bronze, brass, and stainless steel offer more durable alternatives for your commercial signage. Furthermore, plaques are simpler to move and more elegant than individual letters.

Illuminated signs: This sign type uses LED lights to brighten your décor.

Upgrade Your Office Space with Digital Lobby Signage

Digital lobby signage help you keep up with the fast-evolving needs of your industry. They’re applicable in a variety of indoor and outdoor signs. Additionally, they include your company logo, monument signs, real estate signs, and wayfinding signs.

Digital lobby signage ensures your brand is always current and eye-catching. Once installed, you can manipulate the desired information depending on your needs. You only need the right digital signage software to help you transmit it to strategically placed TV screens and monitors. You can schedule and manage the display of images, video, company website, social media feeds, notices, and current events.

Lobby with Digital Signage

Other types of content include menus, positive customer reviews, offers, travel information, motivational quotes, emergency broadcasts, and employee profiles. Although every industry can incorporate digital signage, they’re more prominent in some organizations. Examples are hotels, gyms, hospitals, restaurants, schools, real estate, interior decorators, and general office settings.

Benefits of Digital Lobby Signage

Digital lobby signs have the following benefits over traditional alternatives:

1. Cost-effective

It doesn’t cost you extra to display your company’s social media, quotes, and other content. Consequently, you’ll enjoy long-term cost savings compared to traditional signs, which you must manually replace regularly.

2. Time-saving

You can change or upgrade your branding at the click of a button. A smaller team manages the digital signage and updates the relevant information.

3. Informative and engaging

Digital office lobby signs are suitable for presenting fresh, practical, and entertaining content to your customers. They’ll never experience boredom while waiting, thanks to the variety of interactive and dynamic content on display.

4. Modernize your reception area

Customers are more likely to engage you if they perceive your company as modern and tech-savvy. Digital signage adds a touch of sophistication that also gives you a competitive edge.

Lobby with Digital Signage Screen

5. Increase brand awareness

Digital lobby signs act as an advertising platform. Both current and prospective clients can access information about your products and services that they didn’t know previously. According to research, more than 80% of retailers believe digital signage attracts a wider audience, helps with lead generation, and increases sales.

6. Boost productivity and efficiency

The information you display keeps your employees on the same page. Consequently, proper internal communication boosts employee productivity by up to 25%. A stream of helpful content reduces time wastage and improves output. Customers don’t have to keep repeating frequently asked questions when the answers are on digital lobby signs.

What Do You Need to Launch Digital Lobby Signs?

You need three primary ingredients to make your lobby digital signage system a success. The first is lobby TV screens. Although one large screen is enough, you can add more depending on your budget and needs. The second item is a digital signal player.

This device enables the smooth transmission of content to the screens. Finally, invest in robust and secure lobby display software. It should be compatible with apps that automate social media feeds, custom graphics, and other relevant content.

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