Schools are always grappling with budget restraints. There just isn’t enough money to go around so schools have to get creative to make up the gap.

With summer just around the corner and school grounds being empty, now is the time to plan for how to make extra money using existing resources. Schools can use their facilities to generate additional revenue and leverage digital signage to increase their profitability.

Here are some ways schools can make money over the summer:

Rent out School Facilities

Renting out school facilities is one of the most profitable and easiest ways schools can bring in revenue. Almost any space on a school’s grounds can be rented for a few hours, day or weekend:

  • gymnasiums and outdoor fields may be rented to local leagues, tournaments, and camps
  • auditoriums may be rented to music programs, bands, orchestras and dance studios
  • classrooms may be rented to local businesses in need of conference rooms for special events
  • parking lots may be rented to groups holding carnivals
  • libraries may be rented to clubs, such as chess or bridge clubs
  • auditoriums and classrooms may be rented to religious organizations & programs

These rentals can be promoted on the school’s digital signage network to increase visibility and awareness. Rentals listed on digital signs in lobbies, hallways, gyms and outdoor fields will reach a bigger and more relevant audience i.e. parents and visitors who have the buying power that students don’t.

Digital signage allows the school admins to easily and instantly update the listings so they remain accurate. Listings can also be enhanced with animations and text tickers to add visual interest, features that are simply not available with static signage.

Promote Booked Events

School digital signage can also be used to promote booked events and drive attendance.

Repeat posts about the event will increase retention and act as a reminder to those who’ve already committed to going.

Promotion on digital signage is a value-add that schools can offer to those renting their facilities. This will differentiate the school from other competitors who offer rentals without signage or other channels for promotion. Schools can also add a fee for promotion on digital signage to increase their revenues.

Making Money with School Digital Signage when Students are Away - Mvix

Rent out Digital Signage for Booked Events

Schools can also differentiate themselves by offering rental customers use of the digital signage network for their event. This could be one screen or a network of multiple screens.

Depending on what space a group rents and what the group has planned, digital signage might be used to:

  • post a schedule and description of the event
  • provide wayfinding to guide visitors to the event location
  • list game results and standings for a tournament
  • showcase player, team or speaker profiles
  • show visual aids during speeches or meetings
  • list event sponsors
  • display event sponsor ads to increase revenue

These are benefits that facilities without digital signage simply can’t offer.

Rent out School Buses

In addition to fixed facilities, school buses can also be rented to make extra money.

School digital signage is an effective way to promote the rentals. Schools buses outfitted with digital signage screens can also provide additional promotion. Schools can also rent ad space on the screens to local businesses to rake in extra money. This can be in addition to splashing ads on the sides of the buses.

Sell Parking Spaces

When school is out, parking lots are empty. Empty parking spaces may be converted into cash. Schools in populous locations or within walking distance of major venues can rent out parking for major events.

Promotion on digital signage can help schools maximize their income from selling parking spaces.

Digital signs can also be rented out to event hosts. Parking signage can be used to show the availability of parking spaces in rel time, info about the event, and pictures, videos and social media posts about the event to build anticipation and excitement. With digital signage, branding for the event can start even before guests walk into the building.

Provide Certification Programs

Certification programs, such as CPR and EMT certifications, can help a school attract people outside of its normal student body.

Schools can partner with local businesses and organizations to get promotion on digital signage outside the school. Screens in the town hall building, local hospital and doctor’s offices, parks and even mall can promote the programs to increase awareness.

When potential enrollees get to the school, digital signage in the lobby and hallways can be used to provide more information with calls-to-action that will encourage enrollment.

Making Money with School Digital Signage

As summer approaches and schools start brainstorming ways to make money over the summer, school digital signage should be considered an integral part of the strategy as a vehicle for effective promotion and a revenue generator.