Is your business ready for the Memorial Day weekend?

One way to get your visitors, employees, guests or students in the Memorial Day holiday spirit is through visual communications. Digital signage, a very effective visual communication tool, can play a vital role in bringing Memorial Day to life in a striking and impressive way.

The technology empowers businesses to generate buzz around the holiday and enhance their customers’ Memorial Day weekend experience. They can display crisp images and HD video in patriotic colors to add to the festive air and celebratory ambiance in their location.

Memorial Day weekend is a very profitable period for specific industries.

It is one of the busiest weekends of the year for amusement parks. Considered the official start of summer, most families are eager to get out and enjoy the warm weather. Theme parks can take advantage of this surge in traffic by using digital signage to promote their offers, services, and concession stands. That way, they will entertain visitors as they wait for rides. Content on the screens should follow a Memorial Day theme to get park patrons in the holiday spirit. The content, for example, can include wayfinding maps and building directories.

Memorial Day Digital Signage Templates for Amusement Parks

Memorial Day Digital Signage Templates

Digital Signage Memorial Day Template for Amusement Parks


Most employees look forward to the three-day Memorial Day weekend to kick back and relax. Some of the employees decide to take family vacations. However, others stay home, enjoy barbeques, and open their swimming pools for the first time of the year.

To build anticipation and get employees in a holiday mood, internal communicators can post announcements, memos, etc in Memorial Day themes. This will get employees excited for the holiday and also draw instant attention to the digital signage displays since employees are consciously aware of the upcoming holiday. Communicators can also leverage this to post important information that employees need to be aware of.

Memorial Day Digital Signage Templates for Corporate Offices

Digital Signage Memorial Day Template for Offices



Hotels can target guests who are on vacation for the Memorial Day weekend by displaying holiday themed templates. Wayfinding maps and building directories can be updated to include patriotic colors. Moreover, restaurant menu boards can display Memorial Day specials. Promotional content for hotel services can also include specials and be presented in patriotic colors.

Such a recurring theme throughout the hotel will get hotels in the holiday spirit. It will also motivate them to spend more money and even more time at the hotel.

Memorial Day Digital Signage Templates for Hotels

Digital Signage Memorial Day Template for Hotels


Most people will dine out during the holiday weekend. So, restaurants can take advantage of this upswing in businesses by using digital signage to promote their menu and add to Memorial Day decorations. Sports bars can attract patrons by broadcasting Memorial Day events such as parades and the Indy 500.

Memorial Day Digital Signage Templates for Restaurants:



If you’re a digital signage champion, you’ve already started to strategize ways to use digital signage to promote your business during the Memorial Day weekend. To help you with your content strategy, we’ve compiled the 10 editable templates into a folder that you can download here.


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