With 40 million millennials in the United States workforce today and almost 80 million in this age group altogether, employers need to hone their ability to connect with this segment effectively. Managers especially should care about motivating these workers and leveraging their impressive skillset. After all, this is a well-educated and highly tech-savvy group.

With millennials, success lies in the tools you use to engage with them. Engaging digital signage can help in the following ways:

Technology catches the eye

Millenials entered this world surrounded by laptops, iPods and an array of other screens available to them at home, in the family SUV, at ballgames and just about everywhere they went throughout their lives. So it only makes sense that they’re comfortable with technology and have gotten into the habit of looking at screens as a source of information.

While old-school laptops and (gasp) desktops at the office may not intrigue them much, sleek, well-programmed and engaging digital signage will catch their eye and deliver a targeted message. Campus digital signage was effective in reaching them while they were students so it’s natural to bring the same communication tools to your business.

Your company has information that employees need to know and actions that they need to take. Loading up bulletin boards with paper or sending out printed newsletters and memos won’t get you the response you need from millennials in the workforce. You’re on the clock with millennials. The longer it takes for them to digest your messages, the lower the retention.

With millennials, concise and visual communication works best, making digital signage an ideal office communication vehicle.

Digital signage on campus

Knowing a little bit about how digital signage is used on college campuses can help guide you when communicating with fresh-out-of-school millennials at the workplace.

While in college, this group came to rely on engaging digital signage to help them find their way around campus, get emergency messaging, learn about clubs to join, when events were taking place, and even get important deadlines for enrollment.

Campus signage also speaks the language of millennials i.e. there is liberal use of memes and social media so the messaging stays relevant to gets the attention of millennials. Students dig it.

This concept can be extended to your office digital signage. It’s the modern-day equivalent of slapping a Dilbert comic on the back of your printed newsletter.

Don’t be afraid to include a few funny memes on your displays right beside messages about the annual open enrollment from HR. Employees laughing with you will be ready to engage and follow along with goals.

Boost your efficiencies with engaging digital signage

One mistake with this group is to fall back on the excuse “well, we’ve always done it this way”. It not only kills motivation, it also runs counter to any business working towards continuity. For business growth, allow room for evolving and adapting to employees and the market in general.

Continuous improvement should be a driver for your internal communications with engaging digital signage. Vehicles such as mass email and company intranets can be complemented with digital signage. In fact, deliver a targeted and specific message when and where it’s most relevant to the millennial employee.

Capturing employee opinions

Millennials want their voices heard. Those older and more experienced in the workplace find it challenging to accept opinions from those starting out. In this case, digital signage could take over the role of the feedback platform in the workplace. Social media is one way. The business can encourage employees to engage with company social media accounts and display the content on office screens.


Truly engaging digital signage not only delivers targeted messaging but creates two-way communication lines from employees to the leadership team. All members of the staff can now play a role in company communication, moving everyone from observer to contributor.

Millenials want to be a part of a company that’s willing to improve and change. Any business that works to improve consistently will find engaging digital signage to be an effective way of reaching millennials.