Today’s blog post is going to be a little different – a bit about our past, achievements, and 2016. Glancing back at 2015, we’ll warn you it’s a little conversational – enjoy!

2015 has been a milestone year for us: in August, we moved to our new multi-story office, and in September we celebrated our 10th anniversary!

A decade of experience has seen us evolve from a new venture with big ideas into a company that thousands of businesses rely on for affordable and dynamic messaging solutions to inform, promote, entertain, socialize, & sell. It’s been far from an easy journey, but our client-first philosophy and commitment to providing innovative solutions guided us. This is still a firm hallmark today as we deliver innovative signage solutions that meet and surpass the messaging needs of our clients, both SMBs and enterprise clients.

2015 was also a big year for our solutions lineup. Our subscription-free signature software, XhibitSignage, got a makeover, we had a low-cost addition to our Xhibit family, and also launched a new service, Implementation Assistance.

The motivation behind these initiatives was to make digital signage affordable and reachable. Traditionally, a high CAPEX attached with significant subscription fees has discouraged businesses from exploring the possibilities of digital signage. And that’s only for the hardware/software bundle. Add to that content creation, management and maintenance costs, and digital signage becomes this impenetrable technology enigma.

Demystify Digital Signage

Glancing at 2015, we set out to demystify digital signage and break down this barrier by offering low-cost yet robust solutions. Our base solutions, a hardware (media player) + software bundle, are rolled into one upfront cost – there are no recurring fees. The idea is to reduce the technology cost and free up dollars to be spent on professional content creation, management, etc.

Technology is only one part of the digital signage equation. The quality of content and management of the project are what carry the success of a project. End users tend to focus on the technology, leaving no room in their budget for continual content upkeep, management etc. The technology becomes the story, instead of the vehicle delivering the story. With this approach, the digital signage deployment suffers in the long run. Great films use special effects to pull moviegoers into a story, rather than building a story around a special effect. The same is true in a well-designed digital signage project. The technology should support a great brand story, instead of being an ineffective digital prop.

Digital Signage One-stop Shop

Another digital signage hurdle is the complex value chain. Multiple partners have involved e.g hardware, software, displays, content creation, installation, management, etc. Managing such a complex project can be daunting, and the more partners, the higher the chance of risk factors being introduced.

We have expanded our services portfolio to address these pains. As a turnkey solution provider, we source all components of a successful digital signage project, from simple to enterprise-scale deployments. With services such as implementation assistance, content design, installation managed service, training, specialized support and even financing, we ensure that our clients are equipped with the right tools for “WOW” deployments.

The Rewards

Glancing at 2015, we see that these initiatives thrust us to the forefront of the affordable digital signage space. Earlier in the year, CIO Review named us as one of the 20 most promising media and entertainment technology solution providers. We have also increased our market presence, with over 15K clients with 44K deployed solutions in over 29 countries. Quite impressive, if we do say so ourselves.

What of 2016?

The forecast for 2016 looks promising. We see significant opportunities in the digital signage space, both from the perspective of systems (hardware and software) and services (content strategy, implementation assistance, managed services, etc).

We plan on investing heavily in R&D resources to not only enhance our flagship systems, but also implement self-service portals for content development, creative sourcing, and streamlining managed service projects.

2016 will also be the year of integrations. We expect to integrate our cloud-based signage software with more sources of data and services available around us. Integrations with 3rd party systems and data sources will provide an easy-to-use bundle of systems and services. This will positively impact clients seeking specific digital signage solutions (e.g. auto-publishing POP promotions based on POS data).

We have been on a significant growth track for the past few years, averaging strong double-digit growth. Our team is our core. We aspire to continue to invest in our team members. In turn, we want to deliver the best and the most cost-effective digital signage solutions to our clients.

So there you have it.

That was 2015 for us, and here’s to hoping that 2016 brings more of the same!