Digital signage is an excellent way to create interest in your brand. However, an amateurish digital signage design can have the opposite impact – poor content design will turn away business and make customers less likely to return.

Before we look at what makes for an amateur digital sign design, let’s first discuss how such a design can hurt your brand.

Why Digital Signage Design Matter

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for your digital sign needs. What works for one business may not work for another. If you’re wondering why it’s so important to choose the right design for your business and if people will even notice the difference, we have the answers.

The Importance of Visuals

Humans are visual beings. In fact, 90% of the information that makes its way to the brain is visual. Visual information is also processed faster than any other type of information. Your visual design is what people will notice and remember about your business more than the text. It creates a lasting impression that will directly affect the success of your business.

Another statistic to consider – 46.1% of people consider the design features of a company to be the main way they determine whether the company is credible. Think about this – almost half of the potential customers who see your signage will judge your whole business based on its quality. That’s a lot riding on your design.

In a frequently quoted Arbitron study, 47% of the respondents who saw a digital sign 30 days ago or less remembered the sign. This tells you that you need to make a proper first impression if you want a good lasting impression of your business. A sloppy or unprofessional digital signage design makes people think the same of your business. On the other hand, a well-designed digital sign will bring people to your door. They’ll see the professionally designed, eye-catching sign and associate your business with that professionalism.

Losing Business to Competitors

When multiple companies offer the same product or service, differentiation becomes a challenge. Digital signage is one way to differentiate yourself from competitors. However, getting the technology alone isn’t enough. The design will be the differentiator. Great digital signage design gives you an opportunity to stand out while poor design sends customers straight to the competition. In fact, poor design is worse than having no digital signage at all.

Poor Customer Experience

In addition to giving you an unwanted reputation, an amateur digital sign can make things harder for your customer. If your checkout signs aren’t well designed, your customers will have a hard time understanding the prices. If you’re displaying an upcoming promotion or sale, the unclear copy could make the customers confuse the details. All of this contributes to the customer’s experience, and a bad experience won’t get you repeat customers.

Fewer Purchases

Good digital signage design can boost your average transaction value while poor design can prevent purchases from happening. How so? In a popular FedEx study, 67% of people purchased a product because they noticed and liked a sign of the product.

Fewer Referrals

Even if your customers do go through with their purchases, amateur digital signage design can still hurt by reducing the likelihood of getting customer referrals. Unsurprisingly, good signage inspires people to refer their friends and family. 75% of people in the FedEx study mentioned above stated that they would refer someone to a business because of their signs.

What Makes a Design Amateur?

Before you can understand what to do (or not to do) to create a good digital signage design, you need to understand what the design requires.

Good design will convey your message in a clear way that will attract and engage your audience:

  1. Being unclear. If you try to get too many messages across in your signage, your audience will be confused. Instead of taking away one key point, they take away nothing. You can also cause confusion by using ambiguous language or alienate some customer by using technical terms. 
  2. No graphics. One sure-fire way to have an amateur sign design is to only use text. Because most people are visual learners, a digital signage design with all text and no graphics won’t be noticed or remembered. To attract attention, it needs relevant pictures to accompany text.
  3. Hidden messages. You don’t want your customers scratching their heads trying to understand what your sign is saying. Your message should be the focal point of your digital signage design. Every single aspect of the design – the color, font, font size, background – should complement your message.
  4. Using the wrong font. Looking at signage with five different fonts is not only unattractive, it’s also confusing. It also makes your brand appear unprofessional. Just as important is the type of font is the size of your font. Amateur signs have font sizes that are either too small, too large, or too varied.
  5. Errors in your signage. Although all of the design flaws on this list can make your sign look unprofessional, errors in your signage are the worst offenders, particularly misspelled words and grammatical errors. Glaring errors will put off your customers and as a result, you lose valuable business.

Boosting Your Brand With Good Digital Signage Design

Digital signage works to improve your overall business but only when the design is professionally done. With the right design, a digital sign can boost interest in your brand, improve the customer experience and consequently boost sales, and also give you an edge over your competitors.