Outdoor Digital Signage in Time Square

Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor Digital Signage

Digital advertising is increasingly becoming a popular communication channel for many businesses. Businesses using digital signs for indoor advertising can also leverage outdoor digital signage displays to communicate with customers outside their stores. Outdoor signage can be displayed on billboards, bus stations, train stations, and outside busses to attract potential customers.

Unlike traditional outdoor signage, outdoor digital signage provides powerful visual communication, which is engaging to the audience and saves on operation costs. With the use of outdoor digital signage expected to increase over the next few years, below are essential facts about using commercial outdoor signage displays.

Benefits of Outdoor Digital Signage

Most businesses generalize that digital advertising is expensive than print media. However, it turns out that ignoring the use of digital signage is expensive as your business misses several key benefits.

Outdoor Digital Signage at a bus stop

Some of the benefits include;

  • Better visual appeal – outdoor digital signage is dynamic, enabling businesses to display adverts in multiple formats. You can use videos, animations, social media, emergency alerts, texts, and more.
  • Use scheduled content – you can create a content calendar that determines what will be played at specific times. For instants, restaurants can display a breakfast menu in the morning, a lunch menu during midday, and dinner in the evenings.
  • Flexible – you can easily change the content on outdoor digital signage. With this, businesses can experiment with multiple messages to determine effectiveness and audience engagement rates.
  • Multiple ways of influencing customers – digital signage enables businesses to leverage user-generated content in their adverts. For instance, you can display customer reviews, contests, and more.

Outdoor Signage vs. Indoor Signage

Unknown to most businesses, indoor signage is quite different from outdoor digital signage. This explains why most businesses already using indoor digital signage don’t consider the use of outdoor digital signage. As the name suggests, indoor signage displays information to customers already within the store, while outdoor reaches customers outside the store. Other differences include;

  • Signage screen – since outdoor signage is affected by external natural light, you will need bright screens for effective display. Indoor screens don’t have such requirements, as they are placed in an area with neutral lighting.
  • Screen protection – outdoor digital signage are exposed to several tough conditions that necessitate strong screen protection. From harsh weather conditions to arrogant people, you should use a screen that withstands such conditions. Screens with IP65 ratings are the best. Similarly, indoor signage is protected from such harsh conditions.

Types of Outdoor Digital Signage

Before embarking on outdoor marketing, consider the right hardware to use.

Outdoor signage at a theme park

The three main types of outdoor digital signage include;

LCD – LCDs are best for indoor signage applications. However, with additional technology, they can also be used for outdoor signage. They offer high resolution and affordable. For this, ensure that you use the right protectors to prevent them from harsh weather conditions.

Projector – this involves projecting images or texts to large surfaces, including metal, ice, stone, and more. They can be used everywhere, making them easier to install. Unlike LCD and LED options, they cover a larger area at an affordable cost.

LED – these digital signage are large, durable, and offer more brightness. They provide multiple programming options and best for outdoor environments. They also require simpler fixtures and enclosures.

How to Install Outdoor Digital Signage

Installing outdoor digital signage is not as challenging as you can imagine. However, most businesses struggle when it comes to choosing various components of outdoor digital signage.

For starters, begin by choosing appropriate digital signage hardware components. Hardware components of digital signage are primarily the screen, mounting, enclosures, and the media player. For the displays, choose between LCD, LED, and touchscreens.

Next is choosing a suitable software. Digital signage software is the actual brain of the signage. It controls the content displayed, as it is the main platform around which the content is created. With good software, you can easily upload content, create and deploy the content playlist to multiple signage screens.

That said, consider several factors when choosing the best digital signage software. Your goals and objectives should be guide your choice. You should also ensure that the software has all the necessary features, such as 4K support, wireless or wired connectivity, and more, before sourcing the software from various vendors. Lastly, you should identify the best outdoor digital signage player to use. Players make it easy to deploy content to signage screens.

To capitalize on this medium, ensure that you use content that encourages potential customers to take immediate action. For the best installation and guidance on selecting the best components, consider employing the services of an experienced outdoor digital signage company.

Tips to Create Successful Outdoor Digital Signage

Here are several factors to consider before launching any outdoor display signage.

Content ideas

Investing in outdoor signage with poor content structure may not be effective. This is why you should consider several factors and follow several steps when creating content for your outdoor digital signage. Check out this link to find great content ideas for your outdoor signage.

Weather protection

Outdoor signage is constantly exposed to harsh weather elements. Therefore, you should choose a display that doesn’t give in to any type of weather. For instance, the screen should withstand snow, heavy rains, and immense humidity. You should also insulate it with a weatherproof casing.

Outdoor signage that is weatherproofed for rain

Keeping signage safe from vandalism

Apart from the harsh weather, arrogant people and random violence can also damage your outdoor signage. To avoid this, use a fixed, robust protective casing that cannot be stolen. Also, install your signage close to public places.

Assess for optimal lighting

Outdoor signage should deliver clear and steady text and images despite the bright sunlight. The display screen should display at more than 700 nits to beat the sun’s brightness level. The light should also pass the squint test. 

The Bottom Line

Outdoor digital signage significantly increases your store’s visibility to potential customers. However, before using this visual advertising method, make sure that you consider the above-mentioned factors. You will also need a reliable power supply and internet connection for maximum effectiveness.

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