It’s the countdown to Christmas! That means it’s time for churches to prepare their Christmas digital signage displays to communicate their holiday plans with their congregation and church community. 

Whether the mission for the church is to strengthen their communication methods or to build new connections, a clearly communicated message in their Christmas digital signage display will make those plans possible. If you’re upkeeping the digital signage for your church, follow these steps to reach the biggest possible audience and help create a successful Christmas season for your church and everyone who attends.

How to Prepare a Christmas Message

When preparing your Christmas digital signage display, it is important that the goals for your holiday programs are clear. One of the best ways to do this is to appoint someone to be in charge of visuals, as these can be a key tool to connect all of the various events to a central motif.

Once someone has been put in charge of creating and supervising the visuals that will accompany the message, the church leaders should decide on the overall theme. 

The next task is to find a primary graphic that will represent this theme. This graphic should be one that gives a strong first impression. Also, it should set the tone for the Christmas digital signage display and church Christmas events.

 It should also be something that can be prominently displayed on any handouts, posters or digital church signage on campus or around the community.

Your church’s digital signage displays should be in areas of high traffic during the holidays. 

 Some great places to implement your digital signage display include:

  • Main sanctuary
  • Lobby
  • Hallways
  • Youth Centers

Make sure all of the content you display on your Christmas digital signage is in line with the theme and the message designed to increase its effectiveness.

Displaying the Right Content

The most important component of your Christmas digital signage display is content. The content you choose to display should put church members in the Christmas spirit and make them excited to attend church events.

Your display should provide information on Christmas events. Consider putting biographies of directors up to help new members learn about the leaders of the church they will meet. 

Another idea is to add a Christmas themed playlist. This can feature pictures from past Christmas events or simply images of Santa, reindeer, or elves. Spice up your playlist by adding some Christmas music because who doesn’t love Christmas tunes? 

Once you select the appropriate content for your display, you can choose to display the content during certain hours of the day. Or, you can choose to display it during specific events. 

Creating a Memorable Experience with Your Christmas Digital Signage 

The goal of your Christmas digital signage display should be to engage church members and creating personal relationships. 

Church members should feel like they are in the loop with upcoming events and a part of a community. Digital signage content, such as event listings, Christmas imagery and music, and inspirational quotes, will boost the holiday spirit. It will also make church members feel like they are a part of a bigger family.

In order to continue building a relationship with the church community, continue spreading the message after December 25th! Plan for follow-up events new attendees can sign up for after the holidays pass. Anticipate a strong turnout. Remember that this is an excellent opportunity to make new contacts and fill out a mailing list.

End the festivities with an invitation to stay connected. Even in a world with communication tools, such as social media, some old-world courtesy can still go a long way. Send out thank you cards and emails. Nurture new connections to help the church grow throughout the entire coming year.