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Like many holidays in the western world, Easter has its roots both in pagan tradition and Christianity. The Easter story told in the Christian faith is well known in the west. However, much like Christmas, the holiday season isn’t just for religious believers—other iconic practices have sprung up that make Easter celebrations accessible to everyone.

A Brief History of Easter

We’re talking about the Easter bunny and the time-honored tradition of the Easter egg hunt. These concepts are widely associated with the Easter season, but their origins are a little mysterious.

The idea of associating rabbits with spring celebrations dates back to the medieval church. Rabbits traditionally symbolize fertility and thus they became symbols of the rising fertility of the earth in the spring season.

In addition, Orthodox churches have a custom of abstaining from eggs during the fast of Lent. The only way to keep them from being wasted was to boil or roast them and then eat them later to break the fast. As part of the Easter celebrations, the eggs were decorated.

The idea of an egg-giving and candy distributing rabbit didn’t reach American shores until German immigrants arrived in the 1700s. Like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny carries colored eggs in his basket, candy, and sometimes also toys to the homes of children during Easter. This tradition continues today, with our now iconic Easter bunny renowned for hiding eggs and bringing goodies to children across the country.

And like many other holidays, the season is ripe for gift giving and celebrating. In terms of retail and shopping, the Easter season shouldn’t be underestimated – the National Retail Federation projected Easter spending in the U.S. to reach over $17 billion in 2016, the highest amount reported since the survey’s inception. Clearly, all those Easter baskets and chocolate rabbits add up!

With that in mind, we’re offering a variety of free digital signage templates for Easter that are sure to help promote the celebrations (or savings) that your organization has to offer.

Easter Templates for Churches

Easter is the penultimate holiday of the Christian season of Lent and the beginning of a weeklong celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Across many branches of Christianity and various cultures around the world, Easter is a time of celebration, remembrance, and good cheer.

Naturally, the Easter season is the ideal time for churches and other religious organizations to engage with their members. Whether this is through traditional church services, community celebrations, or charity events doesn’t matter—our selection of free digital signage templates for Easter are ideal for any church’s need.

  • Eye-catching displays can inform members about service times and special, Easter-themed congregations to increase attendance
  • Advertise community events for the holiday sponsored by the church, such as Easter egg hunts, picnics, or games
  • Use templates to increase attendance at church functions, donation drives, and to raise general awareness of the importance of charity

Easter Templates for Retail

Although less retail-oriented than holidays like Christmas or Black Friday, the Easter season does promote retail activity. The above research by the NRF projected that 41.4 percent of Easter celebrators in 2016 would shop at department stores alone, not to mention the foot traffic in discount shops, specialty stores, and other small businesses. Though Easter isn’t typically thought of as a consumer holiday, retail organizations understand that there’s money to be made—as long as they advertise correctly.

For retail establishments enticing customers with Easter sales, digital signage templates for Easter are a tried-and-true way to bring traffic in the door.

  • Use digital signage templates as basic advertisement, displaying special offers and discounts being pushed during the holiday
  • Inform customers about partnerships that encourage them to purchase, such as partnerships with charitable organizations or holiday donations being made for every dollar spent
  • Rotate digital signage templates for Easter on a schedule to guarantee that each offer advertised gets seen by the most diverse audience possible

Easter Templates for Healthcare

Hospital digital signage templates for Easter? You bet!

Strange as it sounds, the Easter bunny is no stranger to healthcare. When he’s not hopping around and hiding colorful eggs, he can often be seen visiting children who are too sick to properly enjoy the holidays. This tradition spreads plenty of goodwill and cheer to those who need it most, and can be supported through the use of digital signage templates for healthcare.

Planning an Easter bunny visit at your hospital or healthcare center? Use our free digital signage templates to spread the word and gather as many of your patients’ family and friends as you can. These templates can be customized to fit any occasion your healthcare center is hosting this Easter season, including community egg hunts, charity drives for children too sick to go outside, and of course, visits from the bunny himself. Far from turning a profit, this type of advertisement spreads positivity and helps people remember the reason for the season.

Digital Signage Templates for Easter

Whether you’re interested in bringing in retail customers, increasing attendance at religious services, or promoting goodwill through community outreach, our free digital signage templates for Easter can be customized to suit any need – download them below.


This post was originally published on 4/10/16. It has been updated to include new content templates.

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