This is the first of 12 blogs for 12 Days of Christmas to help our clients with ideas on how to celebrate the holidays.  Secret Santa is a popular idea to give gifts to those around you, especially in a corporate setting.

Office BFFs. You spend more time with them than you do with your spouse and kids. You have a joint supply of food in the fridge. Your attendance at office events is largely dependent on their attendance (not that you couldn’t go without them, it’s just way more fun). You vent to each other when you get upset at work. When they are absent for a day, it feels like an eternity.

You both join the secret santa pool, and now you’re struggling with what to get them. For the 12 Days of Christmas, we’ll share 12 blogs with different ways to make this the most festive holiday season yet. The first blog will help with your secret santa dilemma. We’ve compiled a list of 5 fun gift ideas that are guaranteed to be appreciated, and that will take the stress out of gift-hunting.

Cable Organizers

We all struggle with cable management – half a dozen cords and cables running from your computer that make the workstation look a little messy. A cable management solution such as Your Magnet is a great gift for the colleague that is hyper-organized and a neat freak.

Shaped like a horseshoe, Your Magnet attaches to the back of your monitor with suction cups and routes the cables through one place.

Fun Secret Santa Gifts for your Office BFF - Cable Management

At its price, you can get two or three for your office BFF and give them the gift of a tidy workspace.

Office Plants

According to an American Psychological Association study, the quality of life of office workers can be enriched by the use of plants that have no formal work-related function.

If your office BFF’s space is a little dull, get them an office plant to brighten up their workspace. A little greenery to brighten up an otherwise dreary office desk will make any workday a little better.

And if they’re a plant killer, don’t worry. These “hard to kill” plants will survive any environment, whether the office is brightly lit or away from direct sunlight.

The Gift of Safety

For colleagues with long commutes every day to and from the office, give them the gift of safety in the form of ResQMe. This car escape tool is a combination seat belt cutter and windshield hammer. It can be attached to a keychain so your BFF never forgets it.

The best part is you can give this affordable gift to virtually anyone in your office – a majority of office workers drive to work after all. Such a thoughtful gift will mean a lot to your colleagues and their families.

Touchscreen Gloves

Is it worth taking your gloves off in the cold weather to text your office BFF? If you want them to text you back, save them from OTD – the Outdoor Touchscreen Dilemma – and get them touchscreen gloves.

Fun Secret Santa Gifts for your Office BFF - Touchscreen Gloves

These will definitely come in handy! Especially, when waiting for the metro, walking home from the office, or just out enjoying the winter weather.

Starbucks Tumbler

Every office has a coffee addict. Even more so if they happen to be your BFF, get them a gift that’ll fuel their caffeine needs. A perpetually-filled Starbucks gift card would be nice, but since that is not within the realm of possibilities, a Starbucks tumbler will do.

The insulated tumblers are stylish yet functional. They’re the gift that keeps on giving! Did you know, anytime you bring your own tumbler, Starbucks will reward you with a $0.10 cup discount. It’s also far greener than using and throwing away paper cups every day. Also, the coffee stays warmer longer.


In the second 12 Days of Christmas blog, we share 5 fun office holiday party ideas that employees will love.