No one should have to squint to read your digital signage screens. Have you ever walked into a restaurant ready to place an order but couldn’t read the menu options? Do your customers have to squint to read your digital signage screens? If yes, then your screens have not passed the digital signage squint test.

Digital signage screens should have minimal and legible content that customers can easily read. Don’t further frustrate or frazzle your clientele with unnecessary text and images.

Focus Techniques

With a lack of focus and the wrong target audience, your digital signage content will disengage the customer. Not having a clear and defined strategy will set you up for disaster. Before installing digital signage, test it across different locations and times of day for the best lighting. Fine-grained targeting by location, time, day, audience is ideal. The appearance of the morning sun glare may be completely different from the evening clouds. If you know your target market and understand them, it’ll be easier to convey the message. Remember, content is king. It should be easy to read, to the point, and visually appealing.



In a SignCraft blog, Tom McIltrot explains the process, which he learned from a master sign maker who told him that what mattered in sign design is “the legibility of the copy and the general appearance of the layout through half-closed eyes.” Make it easy on your patrons by implementing:

  • Large, bold, and legible fonts for maximum visibility
  • The “3×5 Rule”: 3 to 5 points per image, and 3 to 5 words per point
  • Visual effects and images to complement the text
  • Professionally designed custom content

Color and Perception

When choosing background and foreground colors, use opposing colors like light on dark and vice versa. Saturation and color options are very important when designing your digital signage screen. According to Kiss Metrics, “visual cues triggered by color choices can influence shoppers to spend more, recommend your brand, wait for a sale, or even walk way”.

93% of consumers place visual appearance and color above other factors when shopping. Educate, engage, entertain, and visually engage your patrons when they’re making purchases, waiting in line, or placing an order.

Digital Signage Squint Test
Again, customers shouldn’t have to squint nor put in the extra effort to read your signage. Stop jumping on the digital signage bandwagon, if you are not ready for it.