Chances are you have heard that Confucius quote at least once in your life. It goes something like this:

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Whether you believe that or live your life by that code is a topic for a different day, but truth is that work won’t always be fun and at times, everyone could use a bit of extra motivation to finish the day or the week.

A recent study by Oxford Economics found that the average American failed to take five earned days off in 2014. In comparison, French companies are legally required to fund 30 days off annually. The study also showed the effect this can have on job performance. “Employees who left 11-15 days of [Paid Time Off] unused last year are actually less likely (6.5% less likely) to have received a raise or bonus in the past three years than those who used all of their PTO,” the analysis, sponsored by American Express, states.

Since workers are spending more time at work than ever before, engaging them and motivating them to better perform becomes essential. One solution that could help that process is the use of digital signage for displaying inspiring quotes. Using inspirational quotes to bring energy in the workplace and in turn not only increasing employee engagement and retention but also seeing improved results in performance. The following quotes are an example of what could be displayed on the display screen.










Life is full of challenges and obstacles. We use different methods to cope with difficulties and overcome hurdles life puts in front of us. Work is no different, the 9-5 routine can take its toll and at times a boost is required to make it to the end of the day. Inspirational quotes not only bring a new element to your digital signage but have the ability to raise workers spirit and make work a better environment.