Transitioning to digital menu boards is no easy task. It’s one that makes sense for all intents and purposes, yet many still have doubts whether it’s best suited for their needs. Going with digital menu boards comes with obvious advantages, it reduces costs, they’re much easier to manage and they look much more attractive and engaging than what was previously installed.

But the real question is, how do you take your digital menu board to next level. Having one in place is all well and good but it’s always about staying ahead when it comes to business not simply being on par with everyone else.

The next level in a menu board is not adding a video, or a slideshow, or even animations. All those points are worthy of being incorporated in a set-up but are not very unique. Adding a QR Code to your menu board is and there are various reasons why doing so could accelerate your business to new heights.

A digital menu board is an engaging and inviting way to reach customers and makes the ordering process fun again, adding a QR code to your menu takes it a step further. By adding a QR code, customers can read the menu directly on their phone, making it easier to order and most importantly have it with them at all times in the future. QR codes are also a nice tool to generate more views on your website. Connecting your customers to your site allows them to get a better feel of who you are and it engrains their name in your mind.

So far the benefits of QR codes have been customer retention, making sure they keep coming back. They can also be used to drive foot traffic, by scanning the QR code, customers can perhaps unlock a promo or a special from your menu. This way, not only have you generated more business with the use of QR codes but have engaged the customers to go beyond just ordering something off the menu.

There are many benefits of digital menu boards and with the flexibility of what digital signage has to offer, comes numerous possibilities to make a leap and expand beyond the ordinary. Adding QR codes can be valuable to any menu board and used correctly can get the best out of your menu board.