As you may know, business services are services that are tailored to meet the demands of consumers. Most of these services are used by organizations or individuals. They derive their true values from intangible resources such as experiences, knowledge, outcomes, customer service, and management.

Since markets are increasingly becoming volatile due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your future business trend lies in the hands of fast real-time consumer behavior and preferences. The following three business services can help your business succeed during these trying times.

1. Digital Signage Services for your Business

Digital signage services come in many different forms. Most are in the form of a single LED display or multiple LED displays to form a video wall. They display videos, internet webpages, directions, digital images, restaurant menus, and marketing messages to name a few. Speaking of marketing messages, you can use digital signage to promote your business and advertise your goods or business services.

How Mvix Digital Signage Software Works

Your digital signage is likely to play a significant role in featuring promotions for certain products, sales, events, and services you are offering. The main aim is to share product information in order to enhance customer service. Additionally, it can help with brand recognition which can influence consumer behavior, decision-making, and experience. A perfect tool for providing quick links between business owners and consumers to enhance company reach.

Below are examples of digital signage for your business:

  • Promotions
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Interactive forms and games
  • Service offerings
  • Directories
  • Emergency messages
  • Social media streams and news
  • Calendars and event schedules
  • Maps
  • Business memoirs for recognition

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2. Adoption of On-Demand Economy

Also known as app economy, the on-demand economy has been in use for some years now. For that reason, you may adopt it to take your business to the next level. This is because you will be in a better position to get services and products to your customers almost immediately.

So what exactly is on-demand economy? Essentially it boils down to economic activities in the digital marketing space. In other words, it is the ability for a company to fulfill consumer demands instantly by giving them access to goods and services. For example, online shopping and purchases, meal delivery and household repairs. We all want fast, simple and efficient experiences especially when we are buying something.

Businesses should leverage technology in order to better connect with their consumers and show their expertise in their field. This is why most if not all business have a website, or social media or an app. App economy refers to exactly this, it’s being about to perform economic activities with the use of an app. That said, you can take advantage of this trend by enabling your customers to buy your services online, whether it’s through an app or a website. 

3. Contactless Payment Methods

Observing social distance is paramount to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, too many social places have been put on notice to strictly limit in-person contacts. Some of these places have digital signage to offer guidance on slowing down the spread of the virus. In your case, you can address this issue by implementing contactless payment options.

Many business owners are using this option. Methods such as tap-to-pay and mobile pay are currently in use to avoid contamination between customers and sellers. And it seems it’s here to say. 84% of customers won’t revert back to old payment methods once the pandemic is over.

Woman paying with contactless payment while wearing a mask

In the US, the mobile payment options (at 10%) were not as robust as in other countries. Almost, 80% of Chinese consumers transacted through mobile services a year before the pandemic. Aside from that, the current global market boasts $13.2 billion contactless payment terminals, which is projected to grow exponentially. From these statistics, contactless payment services are becoming the new norm.

Final Thought

The future of your business depends on the services you are rendering to your consumers and how you relate to your employees. If the employees are happy about the wages you pay them, they will perform better. Consequently, they will offer high-quality services to your customers. Most of these business services revolve around the changing world of consumer behavior and the current situation. On that note, you should consider adopting one of the above-mentioned services in 2021.