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Top 5 Locations to Put Digital Signage in Restaurants

The implementation of digital signage in restaurants has undoubtedly transformed operations and management. For example, it makes it easier and faster to update menus, improving the customer experience. Consequently, better customer service boosts sales and increases revenue. Statistics show that 90% of restaurant managers who use digital signage for personalized customer engagement report increased sales.

With this in mind, it’s a no-brainer that restaurants should leverage digital signage to create a better ambiance for customers and employees alike. However, it’s not only about having digital signage in restaurants but also about its placement. Buying a digital signage system and nailing it to a wall is not all it takes to get the desired impact.

On the contrary, the positioning of the digital solutions should be a strategic move that addresses the project’s goal. It should take into consideration the optimal locations for the most impressive displays. Here are the top 5 places you should put digital signage in restaurants to maximize your views.

1.  Digital Menu Boards

Gone are the days when restaurants would display static and boring menu boards. Digital signage in restaurants allows establishments to display menu items in an attractive high definition above the front counters. Markedly, digital menu boards have the effect of increasing the appeal of the menu items. That’s to say that they have a way of making your offerings more delicious and vibrant while making the content easier to read.

Customers value an easy-to-read menu, and as research shows, 74% of customers in quick service restaurants and cafes consider an easy-to-read menu a top priority in purchasing. As such, restaurants can capitalize on this by displaying the items they want customers to see first. Well-designed digital menu boards that promote a specific menu item can boost sales by as much as 38%.

While at it, restaurants can incorporate QR codes on digital menu boards to direct customers to the menus, special offer pages, or even social media feeds. The technology is easy to use with the right tools that have various templates and allow for customization of slides. Moreover, the strategy is an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell as customers see more inviting menu items.

Customers and employees will appreciate how easy it is to place and fulfill orders when they can see what’s available. Besides, eye-catching food images and entertaining video presentations will give customers a more precise idea of what to expect.

Digital menu boards come with the benefit of being easy to update. Unlike static menus, content management is seamless, allowing real-time updates or price changes. You can also remove sold-out items from the list and introduce mouth-watering specials. Likewise, leverage the digital boards to display nutritional information about the menu items.

2.  Drive-Thru

Major brands in the restaurant industry are paying close attention to digital signage in restaurants and how it can best transform their operations. For example, Chick-fil-A is now evaluating how to utilize digital capabilities for real-time information and personalization.

Among the places benefiting from digital signage for restaurants are drive-thrus. Taco Bell is an example of an establishment rolling out digital boards in the drive-thru to enhance the customer experience. The management notes that its early-stage implementation of drive-thru digital menu boards has helped customers engage with the menu effortlessly, giving them more control in their ordering experience.

While there are over 235,000 drive-thrus in the United States, only a fraction has gone digital. If they incorporate digital signage solutions, they stand a higher chance of reaping the benefits. Future trends point toward voice-recognition ordering through AI. If implemented correctly, it could increase accuracy, reduce wait times, and boost sales.

3.  Hallways

For restaurants looking to inject some visual appeal into the surrounding, they can install led signage boards in the hotels. Ideally, the content would keep the guests informed, entertained, and engaged. Digital content ideas for the video walls include:

  • Information about the restaurant’s services and apps available for download
  • Current affairs
  • Live news
  • Advertisement and promos of new menu items, happy hours, and daily specials
  • Local attractions that guests can enjoy while in the vicinity

The positioning of restaurant digital signage in the hallways should depend on the goal you hope to achieve. Additionally, it would help if you planned out how you want the guests to view and interact with the content. Then, find the ideal location that blends the signage placement with the intended purpose. Excellent ideas include paying attention to high-traffic areas and the areas restaurant customers tend to spend the most time in.

4.  Entranceway and Welcome Board

You want to create a lasting impression as customers walk into the restaurant. Therefore, don’t overlook the importance of digital display signage at the entrance to capture their attention. Information to display includes welcome messages, new offers, or the day’s menu.

At the same time, you can place digital touchscreen kiosks at the entrance to enhance the ordering process. They drive sales and improve restaurant operations as they double up as menu displays and ordering systems. They’re convenient to customers, reducing the wait time and queues at the front counter.

Moreover, a touchscreen digital menu can boost customer spending. With customers having more freedom and privacy to make menu selections, they can spend more than they initially planned. Consider automating the digital screen content to recommend accompaniments to the main meal or suggest larger servings.

Touchscreen restaurant digital signage allows establishments to conveniently switch on-screen content between breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. It’s effortless to update restaurant menu displays without disrupting operations.

More importantly, restaurants can gather data from digital kiosks to make more informed sales and marketing decisions. For example, they can identify the most popular selling items during the day or week and leverage this information to enhance their offerings.

5.  Private Party

Use digital signage to entertain customers during private parties. Anyone who says they don’t like being entertained, especially when eating, is probably just lying. As customers wait for their orders during their private parties, digital signage can improve their satisfaction. For example, you can stream a playlist on Vimeo, YouTube, or gaming or entertainment apps you’ve subscribed to, like Buzztime or TapHunter.

Another creative idea is to let people install a mobile app on their smartphones to facilitate the event. You can effectively display announcements and leaderboards throughout the restaurant to capture customers’ attention.

Step Up Your Restaurant Digital Signage Strategy

Digital signage in restaurants is here to stay, and it’s already the future. As digital signage becomes more sophisticated, it’s also more affordable. So you have no reason not to leverage it in your establishment. Technology is a game-changer in the industry, and you shouldn’t miss out on the benefits.

Nonetheless, having digital signs in the restaurant is not enough; their placement and positioning matter for a ripple effect. Consider the areas with the highest customer traffic to ensure your message is visible to a broader audience. The above strategic places are excellent locations to get you started.

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