Versatile and web-ready, digital signs in schools allow all levels of K-12 and higher education institutions to provide relevant, timely information to students who readily give their attention to dynamic digital screens animated with colorful content that grabs and holds their attention.

Forget about hanging posters, tacking up handmade signs in hallways, or sending memos to teachers. Communicating this way is not only archaic, but it’s also impractical and time-consuming. Posters and signs get torn down and busy teachers can forget to deliver messages. With digital signage, the message is always on, which means your message will be delivered and retention will be high.

We pulled 5 of our education clients to review their digital signage content and how it’s being implemented:

Event Listings – Western Michigan University

Western Michigan University, a public research university in Kalamazoo, Michigan, implemented a digital signage network of 30 networked screens across 13 university facilities in Michigan and 2 satellite campus locations in Florida.

The digital signs provide consistent messaging at all locations and allow administrators to push out event listings and other updates to students, faculty, and visitors.

Members of the faculty and administration can contribute content on local displays, but all content is created and managed by the marketing staff and supported by the IT staff.

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Time & Weather – New Life Christian School

digital signs in schools

The Mvix digital signage platform is driving live communications at New Life Christian School and its associated ministries in Northwest St. Louis.

The digital signage network spans five locations within the school and chapel campus and is managed from the administration office. The network empowers communication with students and parishioners by sharing a live broadcast of the Sunday sermon announcements, event listings, and community photos.

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Social Media – Montgomery County Public Schools

digital signs in schools

Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland is using the Mvix platform at their central offices where they oversee the entire school district.

The digital signs loop through updates for each of the schools in the district and manage meeting spaces for administrators as they enter the offices. It also displays their social media feed where the district posts all updates and reminders for upcoming activities.

YouTube – Boys and Girls Club of Greater Holyoke

digital signs in schools

The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Holyoke, one of the oldest affiliates of the greater Boys & Girls Clubs of America, implemented a digital signage network powered by Mvix. The goal is to engage parents and club members to increase participation in club events and activities.

The digital signage displays are strategically placed at entrances so that kids get about important updates as soon as they enter the building, and for parents to review updates when they arrive for pickup.

The displays, which are remotely managed by the IT Director, show club member’s achievements in school via branded YouTube videos, schedules for club activities, and other club announcements.

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The Digital Advantage

As the most efficient and affordable method of getting the word out on any size school campus, digital signs in schools are essential to streamlining and sustaining communications for K-12, college and university campuses.