The 2019 Court Technology Conference (CTC)  had a great turn out! We not only got to demo our court docket displays, but we also had the opportunity to network with individuals in the court industry and learn more about their digital signage needs.

The 2019 Court Technology Conference took place in New Orleans, the state famous for beignets and gumbo!

2019 Court Technology Conference


Highlights of the 2019 Court Technology Conference

Let’s discuss some of the main highlights of the show and our observations:

Day 1:

  • Most of day 1 consisted of networking. We noticed that foot traffic was non-stop and came with quality engagement. This provided us with the opportunity to inform the attendees of our solution showcase (which was to take place on day 2)

Day 2:

  • The level of engagement and excitement followed us into day 2.  We received a lot of questions regarding court docket solutions. During our solution showcase, all 50 seats were filled and the audience was very attentive. After the presentation, we had many attendees from day 1 and 2 ask us for more information on our products.


Major Takeaways About 2019 Court Technology Conference

  • Many of the IT attendees were not familiar with the content apps that come with our software. We informed them that with our solution they could have content apps such as announcements, maps, wayfinding, and alerts on their digital signage display.
  • We noticed that many individuals in the court industry had strong interest in touch screen technology. They wanted to learn how to utilize digital signage for other uses rather than simply displaying information on courtroom etiquette or on how to pay a fine. These individuals want to create a more “interactive” display to engage their visitors and provide more “useful” information i.e. how to find specific courtrooms.
  • We learned that the court industry has a growing interest in digital signage content.  They want to create a digital signage display that tells a “story” and engages their audience. Not only do they want the option to have court dockets, they would also like to display other forms of content such i.e. how to dress in court.


Overall we had a great time at 2019 Court Technology Conference and we enjoyed demoing our court docket solutions! Check out some of our court docket displays below!