This year, the Educause 2019 tradeshow will be held in the Windy City! While you may have visited Chicago before to enjoy the deep dish pizzas and skyline views, this time you can enjoy a highly anticipated networking event with education professionals!

Educause 2019

Educause, as an organization, promotes professional growth and strives to bring together higher education and tech professionals. This year at Educause 2019, we will be showcasing our digital signage content apps for higher education. In other words, they will be featuring our content apps! Our content apps for higher education include:

Event Listings

Every college or university can benefit from displaying event listings on their digital signage. Event listings keep both students and staff up to date with campus activities. The templates can also include the date and current weather. Event listings can include:

  • Game schedules
  • Sport try out dates
  • New class schedules
  • Orientation dates


Educause 2019




Infotainment content will add variety to your digital signage display. Instead of strictly displaying school-related content, it’s important to display “fun” content that will keep students and staff engaged. Types of infotainment include:

  • Trivia questions
  • Health tips
  • Photo of the day
  • Travel ideas


Emergency Alerts

Emergency alerts are one of the most important pieces of content to display during a crisis situation. Having emergency alerts helps reassure student and staff safety, which is a top priority. These types of alerts are very useful and even life-saving in situations such as:

  • Gas leaks
  • Natural disasters
  • Active shooters
  • Flooding


Hope to see you at Educause 2019!

We are excited to see you all at Educause 2019! Stop by booth #136 to get a FREE demo of Mvix’s content-rich digital signage platform and our content apps for higher education!

While you’re exploring the windy city of Chicago, don’t forget to visit the Navy Pier, Millennium Park, and the Art Institute! These locations, along with attending Educause 2019, will make your trip one to remember!