Twitter is among the most popular social media apps. There are more than 145 million active users daily and 330 million users active at least once a month. As such, using it effectively can be somewhat complicated. If you plan on using Twitter to promote your business, or even just for casual use, you need to understand the Twitter app.

What Is the Best Twitter App? Is There an iOS App and an Android App?

The best Twitter app will always be the official one. If you use this app, you help reduce your risk of downloading a virus onto your phone. It is available for both iOS and Android. On iOS, it has a 4.2/5 rating with 4.2 million reviews. On Android, these figures are 4.3/5 with 17.1 million reviews.

Smartphone screen with the Twitter app logo with a thumb about to tap

How Is Twitter Different from Facebook or Instagram?

Like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is a social media app. However, it stands out by limiting the size of tweets. Each tweet can be up to 280 characters, which includes certain Unicode glyphs. By contrast, Facebook does not have a character or word limit for posts.

The main focus on Twitter is text, although it also lets you post videos and images. By contrast, Instagram focuses on posting images and videos, with text only available as captions. Of course, all three platforms let you post live videos and visual content.

How Do I Download Twitter App?

It is simple to download the Twitter app:

  1. Go to the Apple App Store on an iPhone or iPad or the Google Play Store on Android.
  2. Type “Twitter” into the search bar.
  3. Find the official app. Its logo has a blue background with a white bird. It is published by Twitter, Inc.
  4. Click “Download” to put it on your mobile device.

How Do Beginners Use Twitter?

Every beginner uses Twitter slightly differently. That being said, you should start by setting up your profile. Start by choosing a handle that is memorable and unique. The best option would be something like your company name. This handle will appear with an “@” in front and cannot easily be changed. Remember, you will also choose a display name, which is easier to change. This is also typically the company name.

From there, upload a profile photo and a cover photo. Think of the cover photo as a background photo, header image, or banner. Your profile icon will display a smaller version of your profile picture. Next, choose a color palette that matches your brand’s imagery.

You will also need to fill out your bio. Create a quick description of your business that is up to 160 characters. Consider adding a link to your website.

What Are Twitter Hashtags? Do They Show You What’s Trending?

Twitter hashtags start with the “#” symbol. They let you connect posts on a similar topic. As an example, if you click on a hashtag, you will see all the posts that use it. For instance, looking at #kpop on Twitter will show you content related to k-pop.

Some people use hashtags to form a personal connection or find like-minded friends.

Companies can use hashtags to spread their branding. You can also use hashtags to join conversations and increase your online presence.

Twitter displays the most popular hashtags at the moment, which are known as trending. This shows you what topics are currently popular at a glance.

What Topics Do People Talk about on Twitter?

People talk about nearly everything on Twitter. Because there are so many people, you can easily find tweets about niche subjects. Many people use Twitter to share pop culture memes. In addition, others use it to discuss the latest news and politics, news headlines, sports highlights, movies and TV, interesting people, and more.

What Is Dark Mode?

Dark mode is designed to be easier on your eyes. It has a black background with white text.

What Are Twitter Followers?

When you follow someone on Twitter, you subscribe to their tweets. This means that their tweets show up on your Twitter timeline. Additionally, it lets them send you direct messages. You can follow people you are interested in.

Smartphone with the @Twitter account open

Many companies also follow other accounts that are relevant to the industry. After all, this is a common way to get someone to follow you back.

How Do You See the Tweets and Accounts of the Influential People?

Fans of influential people can follow their account to see their tweets on their timeline. This is the easiest way to see tweets of your favorite influencers. Alternatively, you can also use the search function on the website to see the accounts or updates from interesting Twitter users.

How Do I Tweet Someone?

Tweeting someone is incredibly easy. If you want to reply to someone’s tweet, enter “@username” at the beginning of your tweet. This lets you continue a Twitter thread.

On the other hand, if you want to mention someone in a new tweet, just write it normally, but include “@username” somewhere in the text.

How Do I Retweet?

To retweet something, just follow the above instructions for replying. Or, you can also click “retweet” at the bottom of their tweet.

How Do I Update My Twitter on iPhone or Android?

Whether you want to update your page on Apple or Android, the process is similar. Just go to the Twitter app and click on the button on the lower-right corner to make a new tweet.

If you need to update the Twitter app itself, do so via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Most phones will automatically update your apps, including this one. Otherwise, you can check for updates under “My Apps” or something similar.

Twitter is for more than just online marketing. You can also incorporate Twitter on your digital signage for in-person marketing. A common method is to display your Twitter feed to show how popular and active your profile is. The way to incorporate it into your digital signage display is by using the Twitter content app.