Let’s dive right into these unique examples of digital signage for 2015:

1. Stopping Melanoma with Digital Signage

This is a unique example of digital signage saving lives, and not just separating customers from their cash.

JCDecaux, one of the world’s largest outdoor signage companies, partnered with the Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA) for an innovative outdoor campaign to rally people around the cause of eradicating melanoma.

Dubbed ‘Stop the Spread’ the operation featured custom-made JCDecaux digital innovate panel displays that showed computerized melanoma tumors. Consequently, the melanoma cell animation gradually multiplied in size until a donation was made by a passerby via PayPass Tap And Go. Similarly, if multiple people tapped and made a donation, the melanoma basically faded away.


Watch the video here.

2. Safety Truck

Another example of digital signage saving lives.

Samsung Argentina debuted the Safety Truck, aimed at preventing traffic accidents and fatalities from drivers trying to overtake and pass tractor-trailers. In fact, the two-by-two video wall mounted to the back of a trailer showed drivers behind the truck what was in front of the truck and any oncoming traffic.


Watch the video here.

3. Taking ground-level to new heights

When the highly anticipated One World Observatory inside One World Trade Center officially opened, there was no missing the interesting ways technology was used.

The Global Welcome Center, the first station after passing security, has a large video wall that greets visitors in 10 languages while a world map highlights their homelands (using data relayed from ticket scans).

In addition, elevators called Sky Pods have been fitted with floor-to-ceiling LED screens that offer a time-lapse of the development of New York’s skyline from the 1500s to today.

In addition, two interactive concierge stations called City Pulse, each consisting a ring of high-definition displays, show scenes from throughout the city and recommendations for dining, sightseeing or simply acting like a local. Moreover, ambassadors trained in gesture-recognition technology are stationed inside the ring to pull the appropriate imagery onto the screens.

Pretty cool, right?


Watch the video here.

4. 800 Sq Ft Curved Video Wall

Importantly, this is possibly the largest curved video wall in North America.

The 38’ wide by 21’ high Nanolumens LED wall is set on a curve at Tachi Palace & Casino in California. Directed by JCM Global’s digital media team, the video wall has created an astonishing new focal point for the casino.


Watch the video here.

5. An Exercise in Technology and Street Safety

Samsung gets two mentions today!

This time, they decided to kill two birds with one stone.

To advertise their new Galaxy 6S Edge, they erected an interactive digital display in Stockholm that mimicked the technological design of the phone by wrapping around the bottom of a corner of a building.

The screen warned pedestrians about obstacles lurking just around the corner e.g. ‘I hope you’re a dog person’ before a dog walked around the corner or ‘Make way for latte mom’ when a mother pushing a stroller with a latte walked around.

But how??

Across the street, an embedded editorial team was writing the phrases from the comfort of a café.



Watch the video here.

6. Digital Signage Dresses Fashion Shoppers according to their Mood

“What should I wear today??”

Digital signage is answering this question for fashion shoppers in Australia. UMood by Uniqlo is technology that uses neuroscience to select the ideal T-shirt for matching a customer’s disposition.

Shoppers take a seat in front of a digital kiosk and wear a single-sensor headset before viewing a seconds-long clip that helps determine the customer’s mood from a series of 10 states.

UMood determined that one shopper was feeling “calm” while in a “stormy” mood and suggested a green T-shirt with Toy Story aliens to match.



7. A reason to pause and “Choose Happiness”

Another example, Coke continues to find innovative ways to nudge viewers to choose happiness.

As part of its #MakeItHappy campaign, Coke employed an innovative combination of emoticons and face-recognition technology. A bottlecap-shaped animated face – the “Coke-moji” – greeted passengers in Stockholm’s busy Hötorget subway station on a series of interactive displays.

The “Coke-moji” mimicked the facial expressions of daily commuters. As a result, coaxing a happy feeling out of onlookers as it blew kisses, smiled and winked in unison with passersby.

Watch the video here.

8. DOOH Campaign Changes with the Weather

In a clever effort to promote the movie Inside Out, Disney, Clear Channel and m/six used 30 digital panels in Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD) that changed creative based on the surrounding weather.

Each of the five emotive characters in the animated film was associated with three sets of copy: rainy weather, sunny weather and a generic statement typical to their character (in case the weather is in-between).

Singapore has notoriously hot and wet weather, and this campaign is an ideal example of digital signage advertising that’s relevant to the audience.

Watch the video here.

9. Marilyn Monroe and the New York City Subway meet again

Another example, the DOOH campaign used audio-reactive technology to recreate Marilyn Monroe’s iconic skirt-blowing scene. As a result, each time a train pulled into or departed from the station wind blew across the platform.

The campaign promoted the Lifetime miniseries “The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe” using technology used to create an ad last year in Sweden that featured a model’s hair blowing in the wind from incoming trains.

Watch the video here.

10. Digital Signage Attracting More Attention than Usual

Australia-based oOh! Media, created a campaign targeted towards Porsche drivers. A digital billboard near the Melbourne Airport automatically changed its content with the message “It’s so easy to pick you out of a crowd” when a Porsche approached.

Indeed, talk about finding creative ways to engage with customers!

Watch the video here.