Video Ideas for Digital Signage

Video Ideas for Digital Signage

At the heart of digital signage solutions is content. According to Review 42, content marketing is 3 times more efficient in terms of leads than outbound marketing. Even though digital signs are inherently effective at grabbing attention, it’s the content displayed which will keep your audience engaged. For this reason, displaying highly relevant and high-quality content on your digital signage screens is a must.

Video wall displaying interactive videos for visitor engagement.

Videos are important to marketing. To emphasize, it’s the fastest-growing type of digital content. You should know that motion, even in the slightest, captures attention, and humans are wired to notice moving things. Add video to the mix, and you can be sure the content for your digital displays will be fresh and engaging.

Video for digital signage display covers the whole gamut. This is from motion graphics and photo slideshows to animations, professionally shot footage and video walls.

Real estate, health care, retail, or whatever industry your business operates in, here are some digital signage video ideas to get you started.

1. Promotions and Campaign-Specific Videos

Visuals get 94% more views than text-based information. Communicate it in a video that you have an in-store promotion running, and you will attract more customers to participate in the campaign. For example, in a cafeteria or restaurant setting, it can be a happy hour promotion, as you highlight your menu items.

You can incorporate several things in the video. First, is a highlight of the guidelines for participating in the promotion. Second, display the offer codes customers can use in the campaign. To encourage participation, you can display the entries you have, even from across social media platforms, and showcase the profiles of other winners and what rewards these winners bagged.

2. Product Demonstrations

It isn’t enough to let customers know you have running promotions. Instead, go ahead and showcase to your visitors just how easy it’s to use your products with product demonstration videos. Then, highlight the function of the product and the features that make it a value-add to your customers.

For example, if you’re selling gym equipment, do a demonstration of the same. Also, do a video of someone actually using the piece of equipment, so it has that personal and real touch to it.

3. Instructional Videos

Visitors have seen your product in action. The other thing they want to see now is how to go about using the product. In view of this, create a straightforward instructional video, which is more specific than the general product demonstration. More than 60% of customers make buying decisions at the point of sale. Your instructional video can influence a last-minute addition to their cart.

Check out the many “how-to” questions you get to find inspiration for the specific details or instructions to include in your instructional videos. Actually, shoppers will no doubt stop to have a look, and you can look forward to customer engagement with some follow-up questions on the same.

4. Virtual Tours and Maps

Employ great visuals in your video and give visitors a tour of your business. For instance, for a real estate company or hotel, showcase the beauty of your hotel rooms or listings. Similarly, if you have a spa or gym and fitness studio, you can give visitors a lifelike walk of the facility and what amenities you have in place. 

Certainly, you will sell to the visitors even before they do an actual walkthrough. The video will serve as a 3-D map and should make wayfinding easier even for a first-time visitor. Also, you can highlight wayfinders and include maps of nearby locations to make the experience even more hassle-free.

5. Social Walls

Digital signage displaying social media feeds for engagement.

Display videos with user-generated content from your social media feeds. Feature social media posts from Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. Your Instagram feed should provide you with plenty of content for your social walls. Additionally, you can display content aggregated through mentions, likes, hashtag feed, and tags. 

What’s more, videos featuring this real-time content are always a big hit as the content isn’t only attractive but very engaging. Because this user-generated content is more or less of a recommendation from other customers, it’s a great way to build trust.

6. Customer Testimonials 

Short testimonials are a great pick to include in your roster of digital signage video ideas. Generally speaking, letting your customers speak for you is a very effective marketing technique.

With attention to testimonials that clearly highlight how your product or service offerings helped with specific pain points, you can inspire confidence in potential clients.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to stand out from competitors, avoid displaying generic and fluffy testimonials. Instead, focus on what potential clients would like to know, such as the quality of customer service and support you offer.

7. Event Videos

Look at your calendar of events and plan around these. All special events are great opportunities for you to record some engaging footage for your digital signs. Therefore, have someone do some professional edits on the video. This way, you can end up with content that’s only a few seconds long, but a great showcase of the attractions and highlights from the event. In effect, you will arouse the kind of interest that’s likely to see the number of attendees at upcoming events such as concerts grow.

8. Motivation Quotes

Boost the morale of your employees and improve workplace productivity with videos of motivational and inspirational quotes running on the video wall. These videos are also a perfect fit for gyms and schools to help students and those training to keep at it. 

For better impact, set up a schedule for these motivational videos to display. After all, the idea of spreading inspiration and positivity is always welcome in any setting.

9. People Featured Videos

Employee spotlights are a guaranteed hit for your videos. For instance, put together a video celebrating a birthday, as well as achievements and milestones reached by your staff. You can also do the same for your customers and sponsors.

In a word, keep these videos light. You don’t want to try too hard with trying to sell your brand by having your products in the background of these videos. After all, the very essence of these people-featured videos is to encourage customer engagement and let the viewers see the people that make the brand.

10. Industry-Related News and Trends

Digital signage displaying industry news to clients.

Flash news related to your industry in comprehensive and engaging videos. Similarly, you can put together a video compilation of some latest trends in your industry. Indeed, these videos communicate to your employees, customers, and other stakeholders that you are up-to-date with the very latest. It inspires confidence as these happenings have an impact on and should inform corporate strategy.

11. Community Outreach

Do you actively support the local community within which you operate? A point often overlooked is that customers will be happy to support businesses that also support local communities. Leverage this by showcasing videos of your community outreach efforts on your video walls.

In addition, put together photo videos from those fundraisers you support and that community-organized run or walk your team not only sponsored, but also participated in. As part of your digital signage video ideas, throw in a video with pictures and footage from games for that little league team you support.

Effective Multi-Use Video Content

As has been noted, there is a wide range of digital signage video ideas. Customize each to suit your target audience, and you can look forward to improved employee productivity, customer engagement, and the overall success of your marketing campaign.

Even as you come up with great digital signage video ideas, it is important to mention the versatility of these videos. You can easily reformat the videos for use on, for example, your website, as well as your social media platform.

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