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Vimeo App | Everything You Need to Know and Its Use with Digital Signage

The Vimeo app offers a convenient way for people to stream videos and for companies to extend their branding and recognition. The content appears in gorgeous ad-free HD that you can watch on bigger screens, such as digital signage display screens.

What Is the Vimeo App?

The Vimeo app is a video application, similar to YouTube app. But without any advertisements. Additionally, it allows users to create their own profile to upload videos. Vimeo offers the ability to watch videos offline or use Chromecast. Videos are streamed in full 1080p HD.

Vimeo Logo

What Is the Vimeo App Used For?

You can use the Vimeo app to upload, share, or stream videos. This is great for anyone who wants to share videos online, including individuals and companies. Companies, in particular, can use Vimeo to further their branding by displaying their Vimeo content on their digital signage displays.

How can you watch Vimeo videos?

Watching videos on Vimeo is as simple as clicking play on your smartphone or computer. The interface is highly intuitive and follows the same general structure and functionality found on other mobile applications. This results in a low learning curve.

Key Features of a Vimeo Player

Playlists and Customized Feed

You can customize your Vimeo feed by following creators and categories. You are in total control of the feed. Vimeo also features an Watch menu that helps you find new creators and videos you may love. There is also a daily fresh batch of Staff Picks that the Vimeo team picks. These features help you dive into content from the world’s best creators.

Offline Viewing

You can save videos to watch offline. This is an awesome feature as you don’t need an internet connection to be able to watch those saved videos.


Vimeo conveniently divides its videos into various categories. For example, travel, documentary, and animation. This makes it easier to find the specific videos you are looking for. 

Screenshot of Vimeo Site


Notifications is a great way to stay up to date with the latest videos. As creators or categories you follow update a new video, you will be notified. Ensure you never miss a video!


Arguably the best feature, Vimeo has no advertisements. This feature definitely enhances your vising experience, as it is not constantly being interrupted by ads. Vimeo’s always ad-free playback is a sharp contrast with other video-based social platforms.

Chromecast for Smartphones, Tablets, or TVs

You can easily Chromecast Vimeo videos to watch them on larger screens and take advantage of the gorgeous HD. 

Is the Vimeo App Free?

You can make a Vimeo account for free, but you will only have the Basic membership. This membership limits you to 5 GB of total storage in your account and 500 MB of weekly upload space. It also limits you to uploading 10 videos per day and only creating one channel, one group, and three showcases. If you need more than this, it may make sense to purchase a membership.  Vimeo Plus, works out to $7 a month, if you pay yearly or $12 a month, if you pay monthly.

How Does Vimeo Make Money?

Vimeo makes money via its paid memberships. What you are playing for is increased storage, how many team members you can have, and other features. Asides from Vimeo Plus, mentioned above, there are a couple other membership options. Those memberships work out to $20 for Pro accounts, $50 for Business accounts, and $75 for Premium accounts a month, if you pay yearly.

Uploading Videos to Vimeo

Uploading videos to Vimeo is incredibly straightforward. First, you login to your account. On the top-right corner, you will see an icon labeled “New Video.” You will be asked to select which files you want to upload. If you are on a desktop, you can also drag and drop the files. After Vimeo uploads the video, you can make tweaks, including adjusting the privacy settings, tags, description, and title. Click to save videos and the information you input. 

Digital Signage display with the Vimeo App

Vimeo is a very versatile app, it is compatible with may other. For example, the Slack app and Google drive. It’s a great application to consider when displaying videos, especially on digital signage displays. Contact us to learn more about how to use Vimeo on your digital displays!

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