Employee communication has become one of the most important contributors to organisational effectiveness. It builds trust and engagement among the employees, enhances business performance to influence customer behavior, and directly affects revenue growth and profitability.

It’s important to note that the outcomes mentioned above are only attainable through effective employee communication. Communication is considered effective when it strengthens the employees’ identification with their organisations. Effective communication should help employees make sense of how their jobs fit into the organisation’s mission, policies and plans, and define the relationships with key constituencies in the organisation’s environment.

And what exactly is effective employee communication? It’s clear and simple, creates clear context (what factors have influenced the decision), explains strategy (why we are responding this way), and make it personal (how will this affect you the employee).

More importantly, effective communication uses different channels, the most important of which is visual channels.

According to John Medina’s Brain Rules:

“Text and oral presentations are not just less efficient than pictures for retaining certain types of information; they are way less efficient. If information is presented orally, people remember about 10 percent, tested 72 hours after exposure. That figure goes up to 65 percent if you add a picture.”


Humans are visual creatures and so it follows that communicating with employees visually will simplify understanding and increase retention. This is especially important in today’s visual age where according to HP:

“Western civilization has become more dependent than ever on visual culture, visual artefacts, and visual communication as a mode of discourse and a means of developing a social and cultural identity.”

And to quote Kim Garst, the CEO of Boom Social, “Visuals express ideas in a snackable manner.”

The Case for Visual Employee Communication via Digital Signage

In the whitepaper “The Case for Visual Employee Communication via Digital Signage”, we explore the current state of employee communication, explore what kind of effect employee communication has on customer experience, and highlight two visual digital signage strategies that are creating unique opportunities for communication and engagement.

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