Turning on the TV, read through social media networks, or basically any human contact, you probably know about the upcoming election. The election and news surrounding the elections are blowing up our phones and computers. Televisions are saturated with ads, interviews and news stories about the election. But have you seen any digital signage displays about voting?

digital signage templates for voting

The same messages displayed on televisions and computers can be displayed on digital signage. The goal is to encourage everyone to vote, as every single vote matters. One of the strongest features of digital signage is the ability to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. Voting signs can be displays in many settings. For instance, in corporate offices, school campuses, hotels, retail, and the food and beverage industry to reach a wider audience. As a result digital signage can have a big impact on the big picture.

digital signage templates for voting

The voting signage will help to drive awareness and interest, and to keep your digital signage content relevant. Our team put together these 5 free digital signage templates for voting. They are free to use for everyone.

Your voice, your vote.

These signs can serve as good reminder; everyone’s voice matters. Especially when it comes to elections.

digital signage templates for voting

You can download all five of these digital signage templates by clicking on “Download the free templates” at the end of this post. We hope everyone will make it out to the polls to vote!

You have a power, Use it.


Download the Free Templates


We hope you enjoy these voting digital signage templates. Furthermore, we have many more free templates for you to enjoy. For more templates click here. There are templates for Easter, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day & Labor Day). Happy voting!