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What Is Digital Signage Used For?

Among the top concerns for companies is how to attract distracted consumers. Currently, customers access digital information across many devices, resulting in shorter attention spans. So, marketers have to work harder to engage and keep customers. Digital signs are excellent tools for grabbing attention and entertaining and informing patrons. Moreover, a digital signage solution connects your workplace and boosts productivity.

Retailers are embracing digital signage rapidly, accounting for almost half of global usage. It’s also common in healthcare, education, and hospitality. Experts expect the global digital signage market to grow by $10.01 billion between 2020-2024. The uses of digital signage include:

1. Wayfinding

It’s easy to get lost in corporate buildings, stadiums, shopping malls, and other public spaces. According to Wikipedia, more than one million people used Google Maps every month in 2020. But the app only leads visitors to your doorstep. Therefore, once inside, they need convenient solutions to make wayfinding easier.

Digital signage wayfinding is invaluable at improving the visitor experience. In fact, it features maps and an intuitive user interface to engage and inform visitors. What’s more, interactive kiosks provide personalized and intimate engagement.

For example, an airport can enhance a passenger’s journey with interactive digital signage. Digital kiosks can provide personalized directions that help a passenger navigate the crowd. Additionally, digital signs can display a directory of restaurants and flight information. Likewise, airports with transportation systems like buses and trams can manage traffic via directional signs.

When investing in wayfinding digital solutions, look for options with 3D maps. Such solutions offer realistic multi-floor and multi-building views and even virtual tours.

2. Advertising

Businesses relied on static signs like billboards, flyers, and posters to advertise. Currently, marketers need to push ads via many channels. In fact, over a quarter of companies focus on a multichannel marketing strategy that includes digital signage.

One major challenge of retail stores is getting people through the door. People are drawn to eye-catching visuals, making digital signs perfect for outdoor advertising. So, you can add high-resolution video messages and animations to stand out.

The best example of the power of colorful visuals in attracting crowds is Times Square. Every year, 50 million people visit the destination characterized by dynamic electronic signage. 

Indoor signs installation can promote products and sales and announce upcoming events. Some benefits of digital signage include:

Boost Social Media Engagement

Social media has disrupted the marketing industry. Now, brands create more authentic connections on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Firstly, place your social media feeds on your in-store digital signs. Next, encourage visitors to engage your online brand. Finally, add QR to take customers directly to your pages.

Promote Customer Interactions

Display satisfied customers on digital signs and reviews for your products and services. For instance, you can encourage visitors to share photos while using your products. Similarly, highlight pictures of your visitors via a specific hashtag on Twitter. By including relatable content, you make your brand more appealing to potential customers.

Encourage Visitors to Take Action

Since digital signs grab attention, you can ask your audience for feedback. Moreover, you can encourage customers to promote your products. Also, you can create a sense of urgency to prompt them to buy products.

Collect Data

Some digital solutions feature sensors to track visitors’ movements across your store. In addition, Cameras capture people’s reactions to your ads and promotions. Install a content management system (CMS) with analytics to study a campaign’s success.

3. Teaching

Most students receive information through digital channels using mobile devices and laptops. In fact, 92% of respondents in a Kaltura project believed that video usage enhances student satisfaction with their educational experience. As a result, digital signage will make your educational institution modern, stimulating, and exciting for students.

One way to embrace the technology in campuses is through digital noticeboards. Gone are the days of cluttered and inspiring noticeboards that students easily ignored. In contrast, digital noticeboards show digital images, web pages, web streams, digital video, and RSS feeds. You can share important announcements, YouTube videos, departmental information, and weather updates. Other content ideas include:

Faculty Communication

A digital signage platform can connect all areas used by employees. Therefore, you can send messages to teacher’s coffee rooms and staff rooms. These internal message boards will display important notices to teachers and other employees.

Display Timetables

One of digital signage’s benefits is the ability to make real-time changes. You can update timetables and calendars to inform students and staff. What’s more, teachers can book classrooms and meeting rooms as required. As a result, students won’t waste time searching for the right classroom.

Promote School Culture

Digital signs display videos, images, and content that highlights your school’s culture. Similarly, students can show their work or projects on digital signage. During orientation, instructions, directions, and timetables will help new students settle.

4. Entertainment

Entertainment areas like exhibition centers, sports arenas, movie theaters, and bars use digital signs for entertainment. These centers face an audience interested in exciting experiences. Fortunately, digital signs display colorful and dynamic content that attracts crowds. For example, a stadium can place high-resolution LED displays on the sitting area. Moreover, LCD signs at retail outlets will keep visitors entertained.

Entertainment is essential in areas where people wait in lines. Every year, Americans spend about 37 billion hours waiting in line. In fact, 69% of customers in a study on checkout lines said that long lines were the most annoying part of shopping. Thus, decreasing wait times is the first step towards improving the customer experience.

Moving images and videos keep guests entertained during high-traffic seasons. Similarly, facilities like amusement parks can create an immersive experience for visitors. Also, digital welcome boards can display amenities, promote sales, and advertise different outlets. Additionally, you can encourage guests to take pictures and share them in real-time.

Digital signs increase brand experience and interaction and allow for personalization. For instance, you can show ticket updates, venue updates, and menu board adjustments.

5. Display Product Information

Customer satisfaction has become a metric that companies cannot afford to ignore. According to research, consumers are willing to pay 17% more for a better experience. Digitalizing the customer journey builds loyalty and enhances customer satisfaction. Hospitals, retail stores, restaurants can display product and service information. This information will simplify decision-making and boost sales. Digital signage applications include:

Digital Signage for Retailers

Retailers are among the most enthusiastic adopters of digital signage. A 2019 survey reported that 40% of retailers planned to use the technology in the future. Modern customers demand a pleasurable shopping experience. Thus, you should deploy many screens in your store to showcase eye-catching graphics.

Firstly, share product information on digital signs. Secondly, include interactive displays for customers to search for items. Also, you can add instructional videos that encourage consumers to use your products. Engaging videos will promote new products and cross-sell and upsell your offerings. Digital signs are also invaluable at promoting deals, discounts, and specials.

Digital Signs for Restaurants

Enhancing the dining experience is a priority for modern restaurants and food-related businesses. Thankfully, digital signs introduce new menu items, display information, and promote best-selling products. One of the best digital solutions to invest in for your business are digital menu boards. In fact, 74% of consumers report that an easy-to-read menu is a priority.

You can change digital restaurant menus in real-time. Subsequently, you won’t have to ask customers to change their orders due to stockouts. The menu can cycle through many screens to inform customers. Moreover, you can encourage unplanned purchases by displaying attractive pictures. Use enticing graphics and videos to bring the menu to life. Also, show upcoming events to attract return customers.

In Conclusion

Digital signage is versatile, and it’s applicable in virtually all industries. Corporate buildings can use the technology for wayfinding and restaurants to show menus. Likewise, schools can inform faculty and students via digital signs. Digital signage is used to inform, entertain, advertise, and help guests navigate new facilities.

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