Last year over 110 million people watched the Super Bowl. This number is expected to climb even higher for this year’s big event. We have shared some ideas with you on how to leverage your digital signage to build excitement and engage your audience to maximize your exposure. Now let’s look at where your customers will be watching the Super Bowl so you can capitalize on the exposure and build goodwill that will keep your business on people’s minds for a long time to come.

Sports Bars

Other than being at the live game, the go-to spot to watch the Super Bowl is at sports bars. Digital signage offers opportunities for engagement with customers in the bar to influence them to buy more. If your local hot spot does not have a strategy to leverage the interest in the game, it may be worth considering working with the owner or manager to host a Super Bowl party and leverage the advertising opportunity. This would be especially beneficial to other local businesses wanting to boost exposure for their brand.

School Auditorium

The college crowd is notorious for spending. They are also heavily immersed in the digital world. Presenting the big game using dynamic signage provides countless opportunities for advertising. Furthermore it builds relationships between the students and cementing your brand in the minds of this crowd.

Renting a Theater

When looking at where to watch the Super Bowl, a theater provides some excellent benefits to your audience. The large screen, comfortable seating and access to snacks and drinks are just a few reasons to consider. Such a venue offers many opportunities for promotion on digital signage screens such as: in the lobby, hallways and concession stand.

Local Stadium

Create a live Super Bowl experience at a local stadium by turning it into a drive-in theater. Such an experience will draw attention and encourage people to rally for their team in a big way. With more than 80% of people checking their social networks during the big event, this is an excellent opportunity to integrate your digital signage so the audience shares live feeds and moments from the game, giving your brand greater exposure and getting your messages out to the local people who will become your customers.

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Corporate Offices

There are myriad benefits to team-building exercises in the corporate world and what better way to get people together than to throw a Super Bowl party? Consider hosting an event for employees to watch the game together and socialize in a unique, exciting way. Go beyond the standard mixer-style event that is formal and encourage attendees to don their team’s colors and serve up tailgate-worthy snacks.

Church Youth Groups

Encourage bonding among the youth members of your church by turning the auditorium into a theater and hosting a Super Bowl party. As a social event, even those not interested in football will get in the spirit of the game. Additionally, friendships will be forged through the shared experiences that create a stronger sense of community within your youth.

The Town Center

Most towns have a square, plaza or even park-like setting. Usually its near the center of the city and has seating, shaded areas, big screens and a directory of services. Hosting a big game event in one of these areas will provide exposure to the surrounding businesses and offer opportunities to engage with visitors who may not otherwise have reason to be in that area.

Super Bowl at the Mall

There isn’t a better way to promote the merchants and restaurant service of your local mall. That is, by hosting a Super Bowl party using digital signage! Creating a family-friendly event and encouraging merchants to provide discounts during the event or even hold a sidewalk sale within the mall so people see great deals can boost sales in what is otherwise a slower period for the retail business sector.

Recreation and Fitness Clubs

While you may think watching the big game is not conducive to a fitness environment, offering the Super Bowl over dynamic signage in your facility provides excellent exposure as people come to see the game and tour your offerings. You will also be providing your fitness buffs the opportunity to watch their team without the temptation of high-calorie snacks and drinks that are typical of this event. Between the potential of attracting new clientele and providing a value-added benefit to current members, the benefits of leveraging the Super Bowl are great.


When you offer unique venues where to watch the Super Bowl, you can generate buzz for your brand and capitalize on the goodwill fostered. Leveraging the benefits of digital signage to encourage engagement, promote specials or simply to provide a lasting impression. All of this will keep your business in your guests’ minds long after the big game is over. Let’s have a conversation and leverage the potential of where to watch the Super Bowl to promote your brand!