We provide free digital signage software and one of the most common questions we get is, Why do you provide free software? How do you make money?

First and foremost, XhibitSignage is a FREE digital signage software, but NOT an open-source software. It is freely available but not free to modify, recreate or redistribute.

Second, the digital signage software is free only for clients who purchase our Xhibit digital signage players. The software is compatible with other players like BrightSign, Chrome, Android and LG but there is a low recurring fee. 

Whether using Xhibit players or other third-party players, you will get all the features like content apps, remote management, playlists, device management, content scheduling, multi-zone screen layouts, and multi-user access. 

Is this the right business model?

Our Freemium business model is just like many other popular web companies e.g. Skype, Evernote, DropBox and others. You get robust software with all the core features for free. If you like what you see, you can simply upgrade to the Enterprise edition that has features like emergency alerts, device status notifications, live TV, two-factor authentication, device power management and more. 

Although the cost of digital signage has been gradually decreasing in the past few years, a digital signage network still represents a fairly large investment for most end-users, especially SMBs.

For any digital signage project, there are two elements to consider:

  • The capital expenditure (CAPEX), or the initial hardware and software investment in the implementation
  • The recurring operational expenditure (OPEX) for content, renewals, management, contracts, etc.

OPEX becomes burdensome in most digital signage projects when users realize the real and ongoing costs of content creation and management. A majority of digital signage software platforms come with recurring fees and subscriptions, thereby making the total OPEX high.

Selecting a vendor without taking these factors into account may have consequences on the overall ROI of the investment.

If the software is free, is the overall solution any good?

The quality of our free digital signage software is best demonstrated by the thousands of successful signage networks that it is currently powering. The web-based CMS has also been a recipient of the top awards in our country, as rated by trade experts and enthusiasts.

The obvious question then is “Why don’t you ‘sell’ the software if it is as good as you say?

free digital signage software

To explain this paradigm, it is essential to discuss how we make profits.

Mvix is a turnkey digital signage solutions provider i.e., we provide a complete solution for digital signage projects including software and hardware.

And while our digital signage software is free, the total digital signage solution is not free. We charge for our expertise in implementation, installation, content strategy, design, support, and ongoing managed services

While the hardware and software are the core components of any digital signage project, the real value we bring to our clients is the ability to provide a turnkey implementation — a one-stop-shop that will provide the hardware, full software, content, implementation and support with full project management. 

The philosophy behind offering free digital signage software is strengthened by the fact that software is unlike other tangible products–once a software program is developed, the cost of distributing it to clients is minimal.

On the contrary, each media player sold has tangible components and costs such as casings, hard drives, shipping, etc. We calculate the total manufacturing cost of our devices and decide on a reasonable profit margin that is fair and equitable.

Is Mvix Digital Signage Software really “free”?

Yes, XhibitSignage is indeed free for all Mvix media players. There are no licensing or monthly fees associated with the use of our software on Xhibit media players.

We sell a range of digital signage players, targeted toward a variety of client needs, solutions, and budgets. These players are bundled with access to our free digital signage software.

At the same time, we also offer our signage software on a licensing basis for clients who intend to use their own signage hardware such as BrightSign, chrome devices and LG SoC screens.

free digital signage software

How about Support and Software Updates? Are they free too?

Happy customers are the foundation of a successful business, but it takes time and effort to build a relationship and keep them satisfied. We would be doing an injustice to our clients if we did not offer free ongoing support and software updates.

Similar to our approach of offering signage solutions for different size projects, our support and service levels are also differentiated across client needs. All of our clients have free access to industry-standard technical support and customer service, with an option to upgrade, if needed.

Software updates are provided free of charge, multiple times a year.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch!

Mvix provides a turnkey digital signage platform for both SMBs and enterprises. As an integral part of the overall solution, the free digital signage software is bundled with the signage player. Ensuring a fair pricing schedule and by keeping the OPEX low, we motivate our clients to budget for content and ongoing management. Such a paradigm helps improve adoption, promotes R&D, and, in turn, helps us offer professional services.

We are proud to offer this award-winning, best-in-class digital signage software for free, along with free technical support and software updates. Our clients benefit from all of this with no hidden charges, no under-the-belt add-ons, and no uncharitable schemes.

At Mvix, we believe that customers’ delight should be easy to achieve if you are fair, open and honest!

If you’d like to try our software connect with a member of our team or email us at info@mvixdigitalsignage.com.