In today’s information landscape, there is a lot of excitement surrounding digital technology. And it is no secret that digital signage is topping the list of the most effective and eye-catching communications mediums in the market. The vibrant colors, sharp resolution and crisp images that a digital display provides are all you need to get the attention of “digital natives”.

So now you’re thinking, “I’m ready for digital signage!” This, however, is easier said than done. Far too many end-users launch digital signage projects without having a firm grasp of the ABCs. And in most cases, these ill-advised efforts wind up costing the end-user a lot of money and time. Consequently, had the end-user taken the time to research the technology, digital signage mistakes could have been avoided.

Mike Kilian, our Director of Business Development, recently shared his insight on why you might not be ready for digital signage just yet:

Digital Signage Mistakes

Why is never changing content a red flag? How is this detrimental to effective digital signage? And why should you have a solid, thought-out and thorough content plan before signing on the dotted line?

He explains why having one type of content only is a no-no for digital signage.  In fact, you should not invest in digital signage if you do not have a clear content strategy.

Consequently, Mike takes issue with “stand-alone digital signage”. He expounds on why “stand-alone digital signage” end users are not ready for digital signage

Consumer grade screens vs. commercial grade screens. Why is this important?

In many cases, digital signage is installed “because the neighbors have it too.” Mike explains why this is not a justifiable reason for installing digital signage. You might be going about it all wrong.

If the above describes your digital signage project, you’re not ready to go shopping. Do your homework, define your objectives, create a clear plan for your ROI, and then maybe, you’ll be ready for digital signage.