If your office is looking for holiday gifts for your boss, you’re probably mulling over the same general ideas from the previous year – candy, gift cards, chocolate, maybe some leisure items. These standards are great, but if your office has a light-hearted atmosphere and your boss doesn’t place himself above practical jokes or harmless fun, then you might want to consider a different style this year.

For our third 12 Days of Christmas blog, we’ve listed five ideas for zany holiday gifts for your boss that are sure to be a huge hit.

Funny Mouse Pad

Everyone needs a little stress relief throughout the day. If your boss is one that spends a lot of time at the computer and might be known to leave her office from time to time in order to literally bang her head against a stairwell wall, then maybe make her de-stressing routine a bit shorter with a ‘bang head here’ mouse pad.

5 Zany Holiday Gifts for your Boss - Funny Mouse Pad

We can’t honestly expect your boss to break from a stress reduction routine. Nor can we expect that her routine actually involves banging her head against a hard surface. But we know that she’ll appreciate your tongue in cheek attempt to bring a little more efficiency to her workday, by shortening the time that it takes for her to release some tension and get over the current spell of frustration she’s experiencing.

Novelty Sound Button

Does your boss take some sadistic pleasure from denying you and your coworkers’ requests? Consider getting him a button that does the talking for him. Get a button that screams “NO!” or even just a buzzer that you can see yourself out of his office by.

Granted, most bosses will probably not be making much use out of a denial button. Not because they don’t think it’s a great gift idea, but because if they have to deny a request from a subordinate it’s probably going to be accompanied by an explanation. That is unless your request is as wacky as the button you gave him. Then all bets are off!

As far as holiday gifts for your boss go, this one is a pretty unique option and easy to come by. There’s a handful of options, from the “NO!” and buzzer variety, to slightly more salty versions that garner a PG-13 rating. The end result is the same, your boss gets a noisemaker that he can use whenever he’s getting fed up with the current situation and hot air being spewed in his office. Or, if your boss is too nice to actually use it, he can at least look at it and think of what fun it’d be to press it unannounced.


Does your boss actually act like she’s a member of nobility? Are you and your coworkers required to kneel and swear fealty regularly, stand and salute when she enters the room, or kiss her signet ring before submitting expense reports? Wow, we really hope that none of those are anywhere close to the truth, but if you’ve got a boss with a bit of an ego, then there’s no better way to acknowledge it than by presenting her with a gift of her very own hand-painted royal portrait this season.

This idea is a bit more involved than the other options, but if you think it’s a good fit for your boss, it’s well worth the extra time you’ll need to spend. First, you pick out the style of portrait you’d like to use as your backdrop. Then determine what sort of photo would work best as the representation of your boss. You can use photos already available, otherwise, you’ll need to be a bit sneaky and snap one with the right angle, lighting, and facial expression.

This would make a great group gift,  you’ll be forever remembered as “the group that gave me that stupid fake portrait that I absolutely love!”

Zany Desk Accessories

Other great options for holiday gifts for your boss are any sort of zany desk accessory. There’s really no limit to what you could have here.

5 Zany Holiday Gifts for your Boss - Funny Name Plate

Anything that would ‘help’ him govern the office, make executive decisions, or otherwise keep his productivity high could be a viable option for holiday gifts for your boss.

One option would be a Magic 8 ball or other decision makers. If your boss has a hard time making big decisions, or just doesn’t like disappointing his team, then give him something that takes the responsibility away from him, and gives him an excuse as to why they might not get what they want!

If your boss is a bit averse to visitors, potentially a foam dart gun or water pistol, to deter anyone who might want to darken his doorway. You could even go so far as to include instructions for use, and offer to reload his dart gun or refill the water reservoir for him in exchange for free passage into his office twice weekly.

The Classic “World’s Best Boss” Mug

If you’re struggling with ideas, and nothing from the first four options seems to be a good fit for holiday gifts for your boss, then there’s always this great standby. If you’re a fan of television sitcoms, chances are you’ve seen the bit in The Office where Michael Scott gives himself the mug as a show of approval and a backward attempt to gain respect from his staff.

Your boss should be able to appreciate that the gift is a bit more heartfelt than what may have been the case on The Office. And of course, whether or not she’s the best boss on earth, you’re never going to admit anything otherwise, right? That would be a sure way to keep your career quite short.


Next week, we’ll have our fourth blog with 5 breathtaking malls where you can enjoy your Christmas shopping.