Brandeis University

Brandeis University


Brandeis University, a private research university located in Waltham, Massachusetts, has implemented a network of 16 digital signage displays across its campus all powered by the Mvix platform.

The displays serve as an information hub for staff and students. This implementation has increased participation in school-sponsored activities and has improved the overall campus experience.

Brandeis University

Brandeis University offers more than 43 majors and 46 minors and has the eighth-largest international student population in the United States. Founded in 1948 as a nonsectarian university, Brandeis University believes in cultural diversity, equal access to opportunity, and freedom of expression.

The university is named after Louis Dembitz Brandeis, the first Jewish justice for the U.S. Supreme Court. Brandeis University is committed to making its community truly inclusive by seeking students, faculty, and staff of all backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.

Just nine miles west of Boston, Brandeis University is home to over 5,800 students and about 1,700 staff members. The university consists of more than 100 academic and residential buildings spread across their 235-acre campus. There are more than 260 clubs and organizations and they compete in 19 varsity sports.

The Challenge

Brandeis University wanted to improve its overall campus experience and stay up to date with digital trends. Prior to the digital signage implementation, Brandeis University used static posters and flyers to advertise their campus news and events.

With the campus being spread out and hosting over 2,000 programs a year, they needed a more centralized and sustainable solution to display all their advertisements. The static posters and flyers were time-consuming to create, costly to update, and a hassle to disperse across campus.

Brandeis University also wanted a way to appeal to prospective students. While the static posters showed information and event listings, it wasn’t easy to read or engaging. The university wanted an innovative way to display this information as well as videos of the school’s amenities and accolades.

Helping students and visitors navigate around campus and within university buildings was also a necessity for Brandeis University. They wanted a solution that was easier and more cost-effective to update. By displaying the most up-to-date maps and directories, campus visitors and students can quickly find their way.

Luckily, Timothy Touchette, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, was familiar with digital signage and its potential to elevate onsite communication and engagement. Brandeis University chose to implement digital signage in order to enhance the campus experience for students, staff, and visitors.

The Solution

Brandeis University implemented 16 digital signage screens across their campus, all powered by the Mvix Digital Signage Platform. The Mvix digital signage platform provided streamlined content management for Brandeis University.

Within the software, both staff and students can easily upload and manage content for upcoming events and announcements. This allows them to display the most up-to-date information for students and staff to engage with. A robust platform was important for Brandeis University.

With the Mvix platform, staff members are able to manage their campus displays remotely. Staff and students can also upload content from one platform at any location. The ability to manage their displays remotely helped increase student participation as well as campus efficiency.

Moreover, the platform also features advanced content scheduling. This allows Brandeis University to schedule content in advance for maximum impact and engagement. It also allows different content to be displayed at different times of the day.

This enables them to target viewers and segment their screens for different audiences. Mvix’s content-rich digital signage software includes over 150 content apps and data integrations, giving Brandeis University a library of content to choose from.

They are able to display various forms of content including events listings, wayfinding, CAP alerts, weather/time, RSS feeds, announcements, QR codes, and more.

The Results

The digital signage network has improved the campus experience by better informing students and staff about university announcements and upcoming events.

After a successful digital signage implementation, Brandeis University was able to better connect with their staff, students, and visitors. The strategically placed
screens gave an optimal opportunity to communicate more efficiently with the student body.

Rather than relying on just email and static posters, the digital signage screens were able to engage students to become more involved with school activities. The screens host dynamic content, which catches the attention of students more than traditional communication methods.

Brandeis University noticed increased participation in its events and organization. The easy-to-read screens gave instant information to the students, allowing them to become aware of what’s going on.

The flexibility of uploading and managing content helped bring students into the digital signage process. By having account permissions and the ability to add multiple accounts on one platform, Brandeis students were also able to upload custom-created content to display across campus.

Letting digitally-native students have a chance to access the software and add content and create templates allowed the university to elevate its trust in students’ abilities. The digital signage network allowed Brandeis University to become more sustainable by reducing their printing costs.

They no longer have to print and disperse new or updated posters, creating efficiency in their advertising process. Overall, digital signage has become a great addition to the Brandeis University campus.

By combining forward-thinking technology with digital-native students, it modernized their campus and elevated the overall campus experience. Digital signage proved to be an effective and easy to use solution that helped keep students, staff, and visitors both engaged and informed.

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