FETCO uses Mvix Digital Signage


FETCO realized they needed a better way of communicating with their employees. Specifically, with their production line employees. They looked to digital signage to improve employee communications. Digital signage powered through Mvix offers a touchless real-time solution.

FETCO implemented Mvix digital signage solutions at their head office and factory. Currently, they have 8 digital displays.


FETCO specializes in beverage equipment. They manufacture:

  • coffee brewers
  • hot water dispensers
  • iced tea brewers
  • coffee grinders
  • frozen beverage machines

With customers and clients all around the world, their extensive sales network includes Asia and Pacific Rim, the Middle East, Africa, India, Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean.

FETCO was looking for an opportunity to improve their production and work more efficiently in their factory. They opted to try digital signage.

Opportunity for Digital Signage

Before FETCO implemented digital signage, they had relied on static communication such as a production sheets.

Employees would walk to one centralized location to check what task they needed to perform next. This was FETCO’s primary way of communicating with their production employees. This became a time consuming and costly process to relay information and updates in such a delayed way. Additionally, it required someone to manually check the sheet.

Implement digital signage has meant, that FETCO eliminated many touch points in their factory and head office. Presently, this is very important with the COVID-19 pandemic. Eliminating touch points reduces the risk of infection. Furthermore, it limits human interaction, which helps keep employees safe.

What needed to be done?

Improve internal communication by implementing a digital signage solution. Determine the locations for the digital signage displays as well as the number of displays needed.

Once implemented FETCO needed to manage the content on their digital displays content.

Utilize displays to inform employees while eliminating touch points.

Simplicity of the Mvix implementation along with cost savings within our production environment made this an easy decision to make and this decision came
with its own rewards.

End to End Solution

The Mvix digital signage platform provided robust hardware for FETCO in their factory conditions. They needed signage that could endure factory conditions. Our software allows them to easily manage and add new content to their internal factory displays. All of this is done through our content management software (CMS).

Instant Updates

Instant updates has helped save FETCO time while decreasing the foot traffic within the factory. Because of the current pandemic (COVID-19), eliminating foot traffic is critical. Instant digital updates further help to limit human interact and reduce touch points. Overall, it has helped making the factory a cleaner and more sanitary work environment.

Why it worked

Our CMS saves them time! They are able to edit their displays from anywhere. As well as display the content on multiple screens at once. The perfect solution tailored to them. Digital signage delivered increased productivity for FETCO from day one. They are able to spend less time on manual scheduling and more time on the actual product manufacturing

Content Management

FETCO likes our intuitive content management system (CMS). It is one of the reasons why they chose us over our competitors! They are able to display various forms of content tailored
specifically to them such as; spreadsheets, departmental expectations, weather/time, production schedules, CDC guidelines and so much more.

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