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TXGN Railway

Excellent product features, confidence-inspiring product knowledge among the team, and unmatched excellent customer service convinced TXGN to go with Mvix as their preferred digital signage service provider. Thanks to Mvix’s custom content creation service, the company has been able to up their display of the level of transparency they employ to clients and other stakeholders. The ease-of-use of Mvix’s intuitive design was another great selling point TXGN considered when selecting Mvix.

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Texas Gonzales and Northern Railways (TXGN) is one of the subsidiary companies of TNW Corporation. TXGN Railways has been around since 1992, providing rail transport, storage, and operations for a wide range of companies in Texas. Presently, TXGN owns and/or manages 12 lead miles of track running between Harwood and Gonzales and about 67 miles of storage and loop track.

The Challenge

TXGN Railway’s biggest challenge was coming up with highly engaging, targeted, and dynamic content.

TXGN has been very keen on being transparent to its customers. This has meant sharing all the company’s data points to measure its efficiency. In reality, however, some of these data points are not exactly what the average person would stop and pay attention to when they see it on a digital screen.

Luckily, this was a challenge that was easy to overcome with Mvix’s content design service. TXGN benefited greatly from the expertise of the content design team, who used award-winning designs and customized the same to ensure brand consistency. In fact, some work went into deciding on what information to display and the best, and most engaging designs to use to display this information.

Deployment & Usage

Mvix has been providing TXGN Railway with digital signage solutions since 2015. What’s more, TXGN has also made it clear that in the future, Mvix will be on the priority list for any such new projects. This includes upgrades or setting up digital signage in new locations.

Components Used in Deployment

  1. Content Management Software

Smart Digital Signage Software: Feature-rich, cloud-based software.

  1. Media Players

Plug-and-play digital signage media players pre-loaded with the software.

  1. Content Integration

Selection of premium, feature-rich apps allowing for seamless integration.

  1. Professional Services

Dedicated one-on-one training sessions and highly responsive customer support and technical assistance.

Why It Worked

TXGN Railway chose Mvix because of its feature-rich solutions. Our team’s excellent product knowledge and great reviews sold Mvix as the best pick over other digital signage providers. TXGN has stayed for the great support and technical assistance. TXGN receives support any time they may need it. In fact, the company has made it clear that they will no doubt use Mvix’s easy-to-scale solutions at any new locations they set up.

Our team collaborated closely with TXGN in bringing to life the client’s vision for increasing their level of transparency. Our content design helped develop attractive and engaging templates for content display. These templates are also designed to make it easy to include the TXGN’s logo, and different branded content.

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