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Workplace Digital Signage
Workplace Digital Signage
Corporate Digital Signage
Workplace Digital Signage
Corporate Digital Signage

Corporate Digital Signage

Improve Corporate Communication, Engagement & Productivity

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Corporate Digital Signage

Digital Screens for Office Communication

Lobbies, Sales Floors, Breakrooms, Hallways, Conference rooms

Shaping the Digital Experience

Internal communicators see digital signage as a dynamic and intelligent communication platform. Corporate digital signage is proving to be the sharpest tool in the communicator’s toolbox.

Communicators can share engaging and relevant content such as workplace posters with HR info and motivational messages, traffic (displayed at the end of the day as employees leave), a menu for the cafeteria, weather, news, community events, Prezi presentations, stock photos to create a calm environment and to use as digital wallpaper.

Corporate digital signage creates a cohesive workplace by connecting employees, management, and visitors.

12Years in business

StableIn business since 2005 with offices located in the US (Corporate HQ) and India (R&D). We've been included in the INC5000 list and ranked as one of the top content delivery, ad management and media & entertainment tech solution providers.

15000+Satisfied clients

ReliableWith a client base of over 15K satisfied clients across the world including the US Australia, Canada, S. Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, Spain, France, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UK.

46500+Systems installed

RobustOver 46K HD systems installed across the world. These include content-rich solutions for digital signage implementations, video walls and interactive kiosks with cloud-based content management systems (CMS).

$0Monthly charge

AffordableWe are revolutionizing digital signage by providing subscription-free cloud-based digital signage software. This makes room in the budget for a content strategy, network management, maintenance, and more.

Corporate Digital Signage

Workplace Digital Signage

Unparalleled Platform for Informing, Engaging and Promoting

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Enterprise-grade Corporate Digital Signage

Digital Signage Software

Mvix is a recognized industry leader in the field of digital signage for corporate offices. Our corporate digital signage solution comes with a comprehensive one-year warranty.

We also offer Signature Care which includes “Tech Refresh” where the digital signage system is replaced every three years at no extra charge.

Some of the benefits corporate offices can enjoy from Mvix’s workplace digital signage solutions include:

    • Multiple signage screens, content, playlists and playback schedules can be managed remotely from a single platform.
    • Dozens of dynamic content apps & widgets to create, display and manage a large variety of content e.g. emergency alerts, metrics dashboards, traffic, MRSS/RSS feeds, dynamic weather, etc.
    • User-based permissions allow administrators to easily delegate tasks (e.g. content creation) to different users within the same account.
    • Comprehensive calendar-based scheduling for scheduling content days, weeks, months and even years in advance.
    • Easily to update – our digital signage solutions can readily react to accompany updates and alterations as easily as they occur.
    • Zoned screen layouts to display multiple content on the same screen e.g post events in one zone, employee of the month in a second zone, sales metrics on a third zone and announcements in a scrolling text ticker at the bottom.
    • Reports on the performance of the digital signage network.
    • Smart playlists to create and update playlist automatically allowing intelligent scheduling across the digital signage network.


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