Educate, Inform, and Alert Students


Use digital signage for education in your  K-12 school and higher education campus to inform, educate and alert their campuses. The advantages of using digital signage in schools are numerous; 96% of students notice digital signage and recall the messages.


Use in Hallways | Cafeterias | Student Lounges | Libraries | Lobbies

Top Use Cases

Mvix Wayfinding Education In Context Mvix Education Wayfinding Landscape


Wayfinding helps staff, students, and guests navigate the building easily.

mvix education meeting room signs mvix education meeting room signs

Meeting Room Signs

Improve the room booking process and space management in your campus.


Mvix Landscape Student Comms Mvix Education Student Communication Landscape

Student Communication

Bridge the communication gap between administrators and students.

Mvix Education Menus Image Mvix Education Menu Boards Landscape

Menu Boards

Display what is available to eat in the cafeteria and its nutritional value.

Mvix context school social media mvix digital signage software

Social Media

Showcase your social media accounts to engage students.

Mvix Emergency Alerts Landscape In Context content apps

Emergency Alerts

Override normal content to protect the student body from danger.

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